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The Battles of Ypres 1917 (Third Ypres, or Passchendaele)

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 31 July - 10 November 1917. By the summer of 1917 the British Army was able for the first time to fight on its chosen ground on its terms. Having secured the southern ridges of Ypres at Messines in June, the main attack started on 31st July 1917 accompanied by what seemed like incessant heavy rain, which coupled with the artillery barrages conspired to turn much of the battlefield into a bog. Initial failure prompted changes in the high command and a strategy evolved to take the ring of ridges running across the Ypres salient in a series of 'bite and hold' operations, finally culminating in the capture of the most easterly ridge on which sat the infamous village of Passchendaele. The Official History carries the footnote ?The clerk power to investigate the exact losses was not available? but estimates of British casualties range from the official figure of 244,000 to almost 400,000. Within five months the Germans pushed the British back to the starting line, which was where they had been since May 1915.

 Rank Initials Surname Died Lodge
 Pte. C.A. DIXON 30-10-1917 St James's No. 448
 Rfn. S.G.W. NIXON 30-10-1917 Tynemouth Abbey No. 2971
 Pte. J. RUTTER 30-10-1917 Fawcett No. 661
 Capt. F.P. WHEELDON 30-10-1917 Lodge of Agriculture No. 1199
 Pte. J.O.S. YOUNG 30-10-1917 Coronation No. 2923
 Gnr. S. EYRES 31-10-1917 Lodge of Unanimity No. 89
 Pte. S. LUMB 02-11-1917 Lightcliffe No. 3332
 Pte. W.G. SHAW 02-11-1917 Baron Egerton No. 3513
 Pte. C.F. LEGGATT 05-11-1917 Sunbury No. 1733
 W.O.1 (RSM) E.A. SIDDLE 07-11-1917 Abercrombie No. 2788
Broad Arrow No. 1890
Moore Keys No. 2519
 2Lt C.V. BOULTON 09-11-1917 St Thomas's No. 142
 Bdr. J.A. LIDDELL 09-11-1917 Penshaw No. 3194
 Pte. J.G. BECK 11-11-1917 Fawcett No. 661
 Capt. J.A. REVILL 11-11-1917 Derwent No. 40
 Capt. J.R. SANDRY MC 13-11-1917 Tregenna No. 1272
 2Lt F.R. WHEWAY 14-11-1917 Yarborough No. 244
 Maj. A.C. THOMAS 16-11-1917 Letchworth No. 3503
 Pte. W.B. CANNON 19-11-1917 West Kent Volunteer No. 2041
 Lt. J.I. LIBERTY 28-11-1917 De Grey and Ripon No. 837
 Cpl. G.A. PIERCE 29-11-1917 Brownrigg Lodge of Unity No. 1424
 Sgt. F.J. GOSLING 09-10-1918 Eliot No. 1164

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