Memorial .Aldershot Military CemeteryAG. 362.Aldershot

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  Brother-in-law of Mr. W. G. Scandrett, of 22, Duke's Avenue, Chiswick, London.

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Unit :  Royal Aircraft Factory 

Action : Accident 

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Major Frank Widdenham GOODEN was flying a SE 5 A4562 (the second prototype, modified to production standard) when when the port wings folded up at 1500 feet and the aeroplane crashed at Farnborough on 28 January 1917. It was determined that, due to a design problem, the inter-wing struts were not anchored in a way to enable them to withstand the torsion of flight. The SE 5 [and SE 5a] design was updated following this incident. In 1910 Frank GOODEN was the co-pilot on the first flight to carry a passenger from Britain to France. The flight took place in a Willows III. 35 hp JAP Gas Airship with boom Volume 906 m3. It departed from Wormwood Scrubs London at 15.25hrs on 11/4/1910 and arrived at Douai at 02.00hrs the following day; a transit time of 10.5 hours for 155 miles. Sources: The father of British Airships. Battlebags Updated 1998-08-31 David Barnes

Accidents were a minor factor in the casualty list. Our definition is deaths resulting from activities that were not directly associated with 'active service'. We have excluded Naval Accidents which are seperately identified because of their numbers and impact. Many accidents involved the aviators, operating at the the limits of technology.

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Mother : Alexandra Palace No. 1541 E.C.London

25th November 1916
27th January 1916

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