Memorial .St. Acheul French National Cemetery, Amiens18

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Family :

  Youngest son of J. J. and E. Hill, of Dover; husband of Ethel Hill, of 19, Buckland Avenue, Dover.

Military :

Unit :  118th Battery RGA 

Action : France & Flanders 

France & Flanders covers all the dates and corresponding locations which are outside the official battle nomenclature dates on the Western Front. Therefore the actions in which these men died could be considered 'normal' trench duty - the daily attrition losses which were an everyday fact of duty on the Western Front.

Masonic :

TypeLodge Name and No.Province/District :
Mother : Ordnance No. 2399 E.C.West Kent

13th November 1903
11th December 1903
8th January 1904

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