1. Book:The (1921) Masonic Roll of Honour 1914-1918Pg.126
2. Memorial:The (1940) Scroll - WW1 Roll of Honour46C GQS

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Family :

Born in Belgravia, South West London, third son of James and Sarah Izzard. Assistant Gunsmith (aged 14) in Kew, Richmond (1881). By 1901 he is working as a gunmaker in Edinburgh resident at the George Hotel. He becomes a Commercial Traveller (perhaps dealing in Gun Powder) on Border City records (1912) and the 1911 Census residing at Stanwix, Carlisle. At this time he had been married for 23 years to Margaret of E. Cowes, IoW and was 11 years his senior. At the time of the 1911 no children are recorded.

Service Life:


Unit / Ship / Est.: HMS Eileen 

Action : Natural Causes 

Natural causes is attributed those deaths due to causes that were not directly associated with the war. Included in this are wartime deaths resulting from, for example, theSpanish Influenza pandemic and its associated pneumonia problems and other attributions such as age and exhaustion. It also groups those who through Post Traumatic Stress committed suicide as a result of their experiences.

Detail :

His death is recorded in Lincoln in 10/1915.

Lincolnshire Chronicle 27 November 1915 "SAXILBY - FUNDERAL. - Recently a small and mournful procession wended its way through the village to the churchyard, and those of the villagers who witnessed it wondered whose funeral it was, but very few could solve the mystery. We are now able to state that the body was that of Mr. Frank Izzard, who died in Lincoln Sanatorium, at the age of 49 years. There were but two mourners to follow him to his last resting place, and they were his widow and a friend (Mrs. Durham), both now living in Saxilby, but previously resided at Immingham. Deceased had, at the close of his career, been serving his King and country, being attached to H.M.S. "Eileen" (a patrol boat) as chief steward, and whilst in that capacity he contracted a cold, which brought on consumption of the throat and lungs, to which malady he succumbed as stated above. Mr Izzard was born at Buckingham Palace Mews , where his father was in service of the late Queen Victoria and his grandfather and his grandfather was also engaged in the stables of King William IV. The deceased was well known in Birmingham, especially amongst the sportsmen of the rod and gun. He had devoted a lot of time to shooting, both in England and France, and on his last visit to Monte Carlo he only missed winning the Grand Prix by one pigeon. In the Anglo-American Clay Bird Shooting Competition, for £1000, hew as the highest scorer. For two years he was the champion shot in France in clay bird shooting; he also held an excellent record for the Middlesex Gun Club, viz., of June, 1895, 96-98, twenty clay birds straight, out of a possible twently; and in November 1898, nineteen out of a possible twenty. This shows what an excellent shot Mr. Izzard had been in his day. He also served as Sergeant Armourer in the Matabele Campaign in South Africa. We regret to record such an untimely end to practically a young man with such marked ability, and extend our sincere sympathy to his widow."

A medal record exists shows Frank Izzard as a Steward on the "Evening Star", which is contrary to the above account.

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Mother : Border City No. 2906 E.C.Cumberland & Westmoreland

12th September 1912

Joined Border City from the Scottish Constitution. The contribution records of the lodge show 3 years of "a", absence/arrears and then finally as having died "19th October 1915"

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