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Family :

Husband of Madge Jauget, of 13, Moran St., Fulwell, Sunderland. Born in Russia.

Education & Career :

Second Mate? Captain?
According to the Royal Astronomical Society Reinold John Jauget was elected as a fellow 14th May 1909. At its Ninety-seventh Annual General Meeting, Reinhold was remembered in an obituary notice: "REINOLD JOHN JAUGET was born at Libau, Russia, on 1870 August 18. He came to England about twenty years ago, and was naturalised in 1908. He followed the sea all his life, and at the time of his death was chief officer of H.M.S. Ramazan, which was torpedoed in the Mediteranean on 1915 September 19. The officers and crew had all escaped in the lifeboats, but were then fired upon, and the boat in which Captain Jauget had taken refuge was capsized, and he was never seen again. Captain Jauget made his home in Sunderland, where he was married in 1911. He leaves a widow and a daughter, who was only eight month old when her father was drowned. He was elected a Fellow of the Society on 1909 May 14.

Service Life:


Unit / Ship / Est.: SS Ramazan 

Action : Naval Campaign 

Naval Campaign is defined as to include all sea operations where attrition rates are in ones and twos and which do not fall within specific naval battles such as Jutland, Coronel, Falklands etc. This includes Merchant Navy losses.

Masonic :

TypeLodge Name and No.Province/District :
Mother : St John's No. 80 E.C.Durham

11th May 1909
18th January 1910
12th April 1910

The Lodge Summons for 19th April 1921 gives the following detail: In Fraternal Remembrance of our Glorious Dead: Bro. R.J Gauget, Master Mariner. Torpedoed H.M.T. "Ramazan" in Aegean Sea 19th Sept. 1915.

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