1. Memorial:Lijssenthoek Military CemeteryXV. E. 16A.
2. Book:The Masonic Roll of Honour 1914-1918

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Son of Harriet E. Pickering, of 1, Sweet Briar Walk, Peterborough.

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Unit :7/Northamptonshire Regiment 
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Action :The Battle of Messines 1917 and associated actions 

7 June - 11 July 1917. The plan at Messines was to blow up 19 mines in what was the largest man made explosion before Hiroshima, and utterly destroy the German front line along the Messines Ridge. The effect was to "liquify" the ground and create a mini earthquake, which coupled with the largest artillery preparation thus far of over 3 million shells would stun the defenders into submission. The plan largely worked and was initially very successful although the Germans did re-group and opportunities to develop the attack were lost. Casualties in this victory were 25,000.

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Mother : In Arduis Fidelis No. 3432 E.C.London


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