1. Memorial:Glasgow Western NecropolisH. 1467B.
2. Book:The (1921) Masonic Roll of Honour 1914-1918Pg.133
3. Memorial:The (1940) Scroll - WW1 Roll of Honour50D GQS

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Husband of Edith Rogers, of 10, Central Avenue, Waltham Cross, Herts.

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Unit / Ship / Est.: HMS Pembroke 

In WW1, HMS PEMBROKE, as well as being the Royal Naval barracks at Chatham, hosted a number of Accounting Bases (pay and admin offices - HMS PEMBROKE I, PEMBROKE II, etc) which handled men at a number of ships and shore establishments. However, a man wearing a PEMBROKE cap tally is more likely than not to have been actually serving in the Chatham Barracks. Many thousands of RN and RNR stokers will have passed through the barracks during WW1 either as ship's company or on courses.

Pembroke was also the name given to the base ship at Chatham; from Sep 1905 to Jun 1917 it was the former HMS Trent of 1877, an Iron Screw Gunboat, then from Jul 1917 to Feb 1920 it was the former HMS Nymphe of 1888, a Composite Screw Sloop.

Pembroke (I) - accounting base (shore establishment) at Chatham.
Pembroke (II) - Royal Naval Air Station at Eastchurch between 1913 and 1918.

Action : Naval Campaign 

Naval Campaign is defined as to include all sea operations where attrition rates are in ones and twos and which do not fall within specific naval battles such as Jutland, Coronel, Falklands etc. This includes Merchant Navy losses.

Masonic :

TypeLodge Name and No.Province/District :
Mother : Phoenix No. 1860 E.C.South Africa (Western)
Joined : United Service No. 3124 E.C. East Kent
Joined : Daintree No. 2938 E.C. Hampshire & IOW

9th December 1901
13th January 1902
10th March 1902

Philip's name is recorded in the 1921 Book, the Masonic Roll of Honour and on the 1940 scroll under United Service Lodge No. 3124, but he was initiated into Phoenix Lodge No. 1860, Simons Town where he is listed a 32 year old Petty Officer, 1st Class aboard HMS Terpsichore in 1901. "Excluded 9.8.08."

He had also joined Daintree Lodge No. 2938 12th September, 1905 at Liu Kung Tau, Northern China. In their register he is a ?21? year old Petty Officer aboard HMS Diadem. He was excluded from this lodge "31.8.'09."

He joined United Service Lodge No. 3124 at Sheerness, Kent on 11th February, 1910 whilst listed as a 36 year old Petty Officer 1st Class aboard HMS Indomitable. The record shows his war service which is followed by "Died on Active Service 8.6.15."


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