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Victoria Cross

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Unit :  London Regiment 

Action : War Survivor 

Although many perished in the Great War, many survived. Stories of those that survived are included as part of this site.

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  On 21 December/22 December 1917, at Fejja, Palestine,[1] after a position had been captured, the enemy immediately made counter-attacks up the communication trenches. Lance-Corporal Christie, seeing what was happening, took a supply of bombs and went alone about 50 yards in the open along the communication trench and bombed the enemy. He continued to do this in spite of heavy opposition until a block had been established. On his way back he bombed more of the enemy who were moving up the trench. His prompt action cleared a difficult position at a most difficult time and saved many lives.

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TypeLodge Name and No.Province/District :
Mother : Chislehurst No. 1531 E.C.West Kent
Joined : Commercial Travellers No. 2795 E.C. London

25th April 1914
23rd May 1914
25th July 1914

Mother Lodge is Chislehurst Lodge which he was initiated into just before the start of the war, and from which he resigned on the 30th September 1919. There is collateral suggesting that John was a member of Commercial Travellers Lodge. However, the records of this Lodge in the archives of United Grand Lodge do not show him by this name in their records after 1914 up to 1921. It is, of course, possible that he joined after 1921, where the records are still not public.

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