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Although many perished in the Great War, many survived. Stories of those that survived are included as part of this site.

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  On 28 October 1918 near Casa Vana, Italy, when the advance was being held up by hostile machine-guns and snipers, Private Wood on his own initiative worked forward with his Lewis gun, enfiladed the enemy machine-gun nest and caused 140 men to surrender. Later when a hidden machine-gun opened fire at point- blank range, Private Wood charged the gun, firing his Lewis gun from the hip at the same time. He killed the machine-gun crew and, without further orders, pushed on and enfiladed a ditch from which three officers and 160 men subsequently surrendered.

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Mother : Garrick No. 4246 E.C.Cheshire


The records which contain details Wilfred Wood in Garrick Lodge are not yet publicly available, the Lodge being formed in February 1921.

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