1. Memorial:Ford Park Cemetery (Formerly Plymouth Old Cemetery) (Pennycomequick)
2. Book:The (1921) Masonic Roll of Honour 1914-1918Pg.117
3. Memorial:The (1940) Scroll - WW1 Roll of Honour5C GQS

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Unit / Ship / Est.: HMS Talbot 

Mike: During the First World War she was assigned to Cruiser Force G and the 12 Cruiser Squadron operating in the English Channel. In September of 1914 she captured a German merchant ship. In April 1915 she had been sent to the Dardanelles and participated in the Battle of Gallipoli. Talbot was initially attached to the First Battle Squadron of the fleet and supported the landings at the tip of the Peninsula. On 26 April she supported the battleship HMS Goliath during attempts to support the landing on ?Y Beach?. In June she was the Senior Naval Officers' ship at Gaba Tepe, and during the Suvla landings she was the flagship of the 3rd Squadron. She remained at Gallipoli throughout the campaign, and covered the evacuation of Anzac beach in December 1915 and of Helles in January 1916. In May 1916 Talbot was operating off the East African coast as part of the Cape Command. In January 1917 she was at Kiswere (Tanzania), when the second period of German commerce raids began and in 1918 she was off the Cape of Good Hope. She was sold for scrap on 6 December 1921.

Action : Naval Campaign 

Naval Campaign is defined as to include all sea operations where attrition rates are in ones and twos and which do not fall within specific naval battles such as Jutland, Coronel, Falklands etc. This includes Merchant Navy losses.

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LIEUTENANT WILLIAM BROCKMAN, RN William Brockman died in Plymouth and we believe it was of natural causes. He was serving on HMS Talbot which was assigned to Cruiser Force G and the 12 Cruiser Squadron operating in the English Channel. In September of 1914 HMS Talbot captured a German merchant ship but we can find no record of dead or wounded in that incident. He was a Past Provincial Grand Junior Warden in the Masonic Province of Devonshire.

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Mother : Lodge of Fidelity No. 230 E.C.Devonshire
Joined : Royal Naval No. 3337 E.C. Devonshire
Joined : Philammon No. 3226 E.C. Devonshire

4th October 1888
1st November 1888
6th December 1888

Past Provincial Grand Junior Warden.
Petitioning and Founder Member of the Phillamon Lodge No. 3226 at its consecration in 1907. Also a petitioning and Founder Member of the Royal Naval Lodge No. 3337, becoming its first Master at its consecration in 1909.

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