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Companion of The Most Distinguished Order of St. Michael & St. George
Distinguished Service Order

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Action : Peacetime - Act of Heroism 

Army List: Served with the 3rd Battalion, Border Regiment as a Captain. According to "British Infantry Battalion Commanders in the First World War" by Peter E Hodgkinson, Lieutenant-Colonel Noble Fleming Jenkins, 7th East Yorkshire, had retired from the reserve of the Border Regiment in August 1910 and was promoted brigadier-general of the 75th Brigade in February, 1916, serving until removed in July 1916 to become deputy commandant of the Machine Gun Corps Training Centre.

Detail :

An article in the Hastings and St Leonard's Observer 27 August 1927 explains the fate of Brigadier-General Jenkins:


"It was a very brave and gallant act, which I am sure will serve to remind everybody how acts amounting to martyrdom can be accomplished by British people when circumstansces call upon them to make a sacrifice," said the Hastings Borough Coroner (Mr W.J. Glenister), referring to the heroism of Brigadier-General Noble Fleming Jenkins, D.S.O., C.M.G, Deputy Secretary of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel, who lost his life on Friday in an abortive attempt to save from drowning Miss Constance Mary Slater, of Totley Rise, near Sheffield. A verdict of "Death from misadventure" was returned in both cases."

The Coroner, summarises:

""I don't wish to criticize those who desire free and open bathing, but people must realise that they take very large risks. If people not accustomed to sea bathing, much less to rough sea bathing, will take these risks, it would pass the ingenuity of man to devise means for their protection." With regards to Hastings and St. Leonards, they were peculiarly free from bathing accidents, considering the thousands of people who bathed every year. For many years there had not been a single accident, and this was by far the worst catastrophe that had occurred in his memory. Having expressed sympathy with the bereaved relatives, the Coroner, before announcing his verdict, said that bravery like that of General Jenkins was always displayed by the British people in time of trouble and stress. That aged and distinguished man rushed to this poor girl, but, unfortunately did not reach her, perhaps owing to want of strength, or his weak health. What he had said of General Jenkins would apply with equal force to Mr. Millns, who waited for nothing, but rushed in to save life at the risk of his own. Colonel Ross had acted as they would expect an officer and a gentleman to act, and did everything he possibly could. Other people had also rushed into the water and had not even left their names. The relatives of both parties who had lost their lives wished to thank all those who, both in the water and ashore, ahd made such noble efforts to avert the double tragedy."

He was given a soldier's funeral:

"Brigadier-General Jenkins was buried on Tuesday within a stone's throw of the Heroes Corner in Hastings Cemetery. In time of peace he had died a soldier's death, so they gave him a soldier's burial. His hearse was a gun carriage, drawn by men and horses of the Royal Artillery through the hushed streets. Over his grave on the high hillside a firing party volleyed the Army's farewell, and then the strains of the "Last Post" sounded their solemn Amen."

Masonic :

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Mother : Maguncor No. 3806 E.C.London

3rd December 1917
22nd January 1918
19th February 1918

Noble was initiated into Maguncor Lodge No. 3806 in 1917 when he was a Colonel, stationed at Grantham.

Maguncor Lodge make reference to the memories of Major James Palmer Huffham, VC and Captain William Allison White, VC to this day, in that part of masonic ceremony where a new Master is presented with his apron. The apron, first worn by Brigadier-General Noble Fleming Jenkins, CMG, DSO is carried Captain White's service sword and is a piece of ritual unique to this Lodge.

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