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Although many perished in times of national conflict and in the service of their country, many more survived including those interned as Prisoners of War. Stories of those who did survive are included as part of this site, especially those with high gallantry awards, those included against an external rolls of honour and those who had a distinguished career in wartime and military leaderhip.

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Mother : Waitemata No. 689 E.C.New Zealand (North Island)
Joined : Grecia No. 1105 E.C. London
Joined : Anglo-Colonial No. 3175 E.C. London
Joined : Alexandra No. 1188 E.C. New Zealand (North Island)
Joined : Boscombe No. 2158 E.C. Hampshire & IOW
Joined : A Scottish Lodge No. 0 S.C. Scottish Constitution

19th September 1898
17th October 1898
20th February 1899

Resident at Auckland and employed as an Analyst (probably Scientific) upon his initiation in 1898 into Waitemata Lodge No. 689. He resigned from his mother lodge but rejoined in 1902. He become a joining member of the Anglo-Colonial Lodge No. 3175 in 1906, but was excluded under Rule 175, only to rejoin later.

During the war years he joined three lodges and rejoined one. Early in the war, on the 2nd September, 1914 he joined Alexandra Lodge No. 1189 at Pirongia, North Island. He rejoined Anglo-Colonial 24th September, 1915. He subsequently joined, on 1st Feb, 1916, in Egypt, Grecia Lodge No. 1105 in Cairo and then Boscombe Lodge No. 2158, in Hampshire, UK on Christmas Eve, 1917.

He is commemorated on a plaque dedicated to members of St. Andrew's Lodge 418, Scottish Constitution meeting at 59 Grey Street, Onehunga, Auckland, New Zealand who served in the Great War or the Second World War.

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