1. Document:New Zealand WW1 Masonic List N.Z.

Awards & Titles:

British War Medal
Victory Medal

Early Life :

Born Temuka, Canterbury, New Zealand to Samuel Delabere Barker and Frances Harriett Barker (nee Lean). His parents were native of England. Privately educated 1888-1893, completed at Chelford School by Summer of 1895.

He was a pupil at John Anderson Sons from Sept-1895-Sept-1900 taking subjects: Fitting Pattern making, Erecting and Drawing Office practice. Attended Canterbury College School of Engineering March 1897 to October 1899, taking Mechanical Drawing, Free Drawing, Geometary Steam Engine, Applied Mechanics, Workshop practices, Steam Engine. Three 1st Class and one 2nd Class success.

He became civilian attache Royal Engineers Armoured Transport Section at Bloemfontein South Africa upon completion of his apprenticeship until invalided back to New Zealand in 1901. He was responsible for supervising two armoured trains operating in the Orange River area. Became Junior Engineer at the Union Steamship Company Works N.Z., 1901-2. Junior Engineer at the Black Ball Coal Company, N.Z. 1902-7. Assistant Engineer New Zealand Shipping Company 1907-9. Went on to become the relieving engineer to the Lythelton Harbour Board Steamers. In 1909 he becomes engineer tot he Waterworks at Christchurch, designing and supervising extensions to the Pumping Plants.

He achieved a First Class Board of Trade Certificate of Competency in 1908.

Member of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers, proposed in 1913 and approved in 1914 whilst he was the Officer in Charge of the Christchurch Waterworks.

Married Ella Wilhelmina Russell 26th, June 1912 and both resident at 16 Salisbury Street, Christchurch, New Zealand. They had two children together, Gertrude Dorothea Geraldine born 25th April, 1914 and Judith Theodora, born 17th January, 1916.

Service Life:


Unit / Ship / Est.: New Zealand Rifle Brigade, N.Z.E.F 

Consolidated list of Riflemen from all battalions of the New Zealand Rifle Brigade.

Action : War Survivor 

Although many perished in times of national conflict and in the service of their country, many more survived including those interned as Prisoners of War. Stories of those who did survive are included as part of this site, especially those with high gallantry awards, those included against an external rolls of honour and those who had a distinguished career in wartime and military leaderhip.

Detail :

2nd Lieutenant Theodore Delabere Barker, H Company, 8th Reinforcements, New Zealand Rifle Brigade.

He served on the Western Front and was gassed twice. Following the war he spent some time at the Convalescent Home in Brighton.

Discharged from service 10th December, 1919 after 4 years and 61 days.

Masonic :

TypeLodge Name and No.Province/District :
Mother : St. Albans No. 2597 E.C.New Zealand (South Island)

27th May 1910
24th June 1910
26th August 1910

Listed as a 31 year old Engineer from Christchurch when initiated into St Albans Lodge No. 2597. No explicit war service is shown in the contribution record of the lodge ledger.

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