1. Book:Beyond The Five PointsPgs 328-329

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George Cross
1914-15 Star
British War Medal
Victory Medal
War Medal (1939-1945)
Defence Medal (1939-1945)

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Unit :Royal Flying Corps 
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Action :War Survivor 

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Awarded The Albert Medal, London Gazette 19th May 1916. Translated to The George Cross, London Gazette 21 October 1971 for his actions at Saint Omer, Artois on Monday 3 January 1916:

"On 3rd January 1916 at about 3pm a fire broke out inside a large bomb store belonging to the Royal Flying Corps, which contained nearly 2,000 high explosive bombs, some of which had large charges, and a number of incendiary bombs which were burning freely. Major C.L.N. Newall at once took all necessary precautions, and then, assisted by Air Mechanic Simms, poured water into the shed through a hole made by the flames. He sent for the key of the store, and with Corporal Hearne, Harwood and Simms, entered the building and succeeded in putting out the flames. The wooden cases containing the bombs were burnt, and some of them were charred to a cinder."

For their gallantry, Harwood, Hearne, Newall and Simms were all awarded The Albert Medal. In accordance with the Royal Warrant dated 15 December 1971, Brother Harwood's Albert Medal was translated to The George Cross which he received from the hands of Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace. Harrie died on Thursday 13 November 1975, at Didcot, Oxfordshire, aged 91, after a long illness. His Albert Medal is now on display in the Masonic Hall, Sheldon, Stoke-on-Trent, the home of his Mother Lodge, Etruscan Lodge, Number 546.

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Although many perished in times of National conflict and in the service of their country, many more survived. Stories of those who did survive are included as part of this site, especially those with Victoria or George Cross (including its predecessor - The Albert Medal), or those included against an external roll of honour.

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Mother : Etruscan No. 546 E.C.Staffordshire

8th June 1922
13th July 1922
16th November 1922

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