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50 Pall Mall, London (1874)
6, Victoria Street, S.W. (1897)

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Student Trinity College, Cambridge University (1871)
Master of the Arts (1876)
Barrister (1897)

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Holds the dubious honour of being the oldest British soldier to be killed in the Great Warm, just days before his 69th birthday.

It was at Villers-au-Flos, near Baupaume, he was wounded by a Germany shell. He sustained multiple wounds and died nine days later at the Duchess of Westminster's hospital, Boulogne and was buried closeby at Etaples.

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TypeLodge Name and No.Province/District :
Mother : Isaac Newton University No. 859 E.C.Cambridgeshire
Joined : Oxford and Cambridge University No. 1118 E.C. London
Joined : Northern Bar No. 1610 E.C. London

27th November 1871
5th February 1872
4th March 1872

Initiated whilst studying to become a Barrister at Cambridge and initiated into Isaac Newton University Lodge No. 859. He also joined University Lodge No. 1118 19th June 1874, but had resigned by 1876. He further joined Northern Bar Lodge No. 1610 in 1897, but by 1902 had gone into arrears and was excluded under Rule 175 by 1905. There is no evidence of joining any further Lodges and accounts why he is not recorded on the 1921 or subsequent rolls.

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