1. Book:The Masonic Roll of Honour 1914-1918

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Member of the Royal College of Surgeons
Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons

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[British Medical Journal]: COLONEL JOHN GASSON HARWOOD, Army Medical Staff (ret.), died at Southse on July 8th, aged 58. He was born on August 27th 1856, educated at Bart's, and took the diplomas of M.R.C.S. and L.S.A. in 1879, as well as the F.R.C.S.Edin in 1888. He entered the army as surgeon on March 6th, 1880, became surgeon-major on March 6th, 1892, lieutenant-colonel on Marc 6th, 1900, and colonel on June 29th 1906, retiring on March 15th, 1909. The Army List assigns him no war service. [dated July 17, 1915]

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Action :Natural Causes 

Surgeon, Army Medical Staff (1883-1887).
Surgeon Major, Calcutta, Dum Dum, Bengal and Mean Meer, Punjab (1899-1893-1896).
Lieutenant Colonel, Bombay (1900).
Colonel, Royal Army Medical Corps (1903).
Army Officer, Wellingborough (1911).

Natural causes is attributed those deaths due to causes that were not directly associated with the war. Included in this are wartime deaths resulting from the Spanish Influenza pandemic and its associated pneumonia problems and other attributions such as age and exhaustion.

Masonic :

TypeLodge Name and No.Province/District :
Mother : Fraternity & Perseverance No. 1746 E.C.Bengal
Joined : Aldershot Army and Navy No. 1971 E.C. Hampshire & IOW
Joined : In Arduis Fidelis No. 3432 E.C. London
Joined : Stewart No. 1960 E.C. Punjab
Joined : Sandeman No. 1374 E.C. London
Joined : Lodge Orion in the West No. 415 E.C. India
Joined : Lodge Concordia No. 3102 E.C. London
Joined : Mount Everest No. 2439 E.C. Unknown
Joined : St John the Evangelist No. 1483 E.C. Pakistan
Joined : Lodge St George No. 549 E.C. Bombay
Joined : Yeatman-Biggs No. 2672 E.C. London
Joined : Rahere No. 2546 E.C. London

28th August 1883
25th September 1883
23rd October 1883

His masonic life was just as prevalent as his military life, being initiated relatively young and showing that, perhaps, wherever he was posted, he found a lodge and participated. He originally traces back to and was initiated into Lodge Fraternity & Perseverance No. 1746 at Benares in 1883.
Joined Stewart Lodge No. 1960, Punjab on 15th November 1884
Joined Army and Navy Lodge No. 1971, Aldershot on 19th May 1886. Still a member at the time of his death. Record shows "Died 8th July 1915"
Joined Sandema Lodge No. 1374, Dum Dum, Bengal on 16th December 1893.
Joined St. John the Evangelist Lodge No. 1483 at Mean Meer, Punjab on 14th July 1892. Resigned 31.3.1896.
Joined Rahere Lodge No. 2546 at 9th November 1897. Resigned Sep. 1912.
Joined Yeatman Biggs Lodge No. at 2672 Peshawar on the 7th September 1899. Resigned 31.12.1901.
Joined St. Georges Lodge No. 549 at Bombay 16th October 1900. Excluded 30.6.1908 (R.175).
Joined Lodge Orion in the West No. 415, Poona, Bombay 18th February 1903.
Joined In Ardius Fidelis Lodge No. 2432 (the Lodge of the Royal Army Medical Corps) on 5th January 1911.

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