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 Rank Initials Surname Died Lodge
 W.O.2 J.C. ALLEN  30-11--0001 King's Navy No.2901
 Sgt. R. ALLAN  30-11--0001 Jumna No.1394
Triune Brotherhood No.2121
 Pte. J.W. ARMSTRONG  30-11--0001 Wallsend No.2703
  J.H. BENNETT  30-11--0001 Manchester Dramatic No.2387
  C.V. BOURNE  30-11--0001 Calabar No.3434
  H.W. BROWN  30-11--0001 Chillagoe No.3214
 Sgt. J.E. BROWN  30-11--0001 Fidelity No.2061
Morning Star No.552
 Tpr G. BARNETT  30-11--0001 Temperance No.3215
 Pte. J. CAMPBELL  30-11--0001 Coalfields No.2653
Klip River County No.2401
Southern Cross No.1778
 Cpl. H. CLARKE  30-11--0001 Lodge Rosslyn St. Clair No.606
Royal Standard No.398
 Sgt. H.S. DAVIS  30-11--0001 Light in Adjoodhia No.836
Lodge Pioneer No.1490
St George in the East No.1526
  W.H.P. DICKSON  30-11--0001 Carrington No.2421
 Lt. R.B. DRISCOLL  30-11--0001 In Arduis Fidelis No.3432
 2Lt G. EDWARDS  30-11--0001 Abbey Lodge Westminster No.2030
 Pte. A.R. ELKINS  30-11--0001 Lodge of Merit No.466
 Cpl. R.W. FERGUSON  30-11--0001 Fenwick No.2378
 Pte. E. FRY  30-11--0001 Curwen No.1400
  F. GOODIER  30-11--0001 Mariners' No.249
  J. GRAVES  30-11--0001 Lodge of Industry and Perseverance No.109
  F. GRAY  30-11--0001 St John's Lodge of Colombo No.454
 Pte. G. HILL  30-11--0001 Bradstow No.2448
  H. HODGSON  30-11--0001 Broxbourne No.2353
 Sgt. G.H. HOFFMAN  30-11--0001 Ravenswood Lodge No.2367
Star of the West No.2167
 Maj. K.P. VAUGHAN-MORGAN  30-11--0001 Old Sinjins No.3232
 CSgt G.W. HOLDEN  30-11--0001 Light in Adjoodhia No.836
Sarju No.3061
  J.W. HOPKINSON  30-11--0001 Evening Star No.2828
Zetland No.608
  W.J. CHALK  30-11--0001 King Edward No.3004
Old Sinjins No.3232
 Pte. T.F. HOWARTH  30-11--0001 Sutherland Lodge of Unity No.460
  G.C. HUGHES  30-11--0001 Lebong No.3321
 Maj. D.W.H. HUMPHRIES  30-11--0001 Alexandra No.1065

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