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Henry Hodgson was not recorded in the 1921 Book of the Masonic Great War Roll of Honour, but added to the online version later on. It is, at present, uncertain where the name came from and it may have been as a result of an association with war activity, rather than as a casualty or as one of the fallen. From Broxbourne Lodge records a Henry Hodgson, who was recorded to be an Air Mechanic Instructor, as being initiated in September 1917 (aged 29) and was still around with the Lodge in March 1918. The war still has 8 months, so it is not unreasonable that a posting to a theatre of operations takes place, but this was the early years of the R.A.F., and the area [esp. Hendon] is a cradle of activity at the time. There is very little concrete evidence to find a positive link to our man in online public records, however, if one were to start investigating properly two potential candidates start to fit. Both have H.C.H. as initials which means that one should be doubly careful to ensure the correct legend for each: Henry Cecil Hodgson who was registered born Q3 or Q4 1888 as recorded in the Birth Register at the time. The Registration District is stated to be Hendon. Baptism Record: 24th July 1887. Henry Cecil to Charles Rice and Mary Nicholl Hodgson of Copt Hall. By 1891, the census shows that Henry C. is aged 4 and living at Copt Hall, Mill Hill and resident with mother - Mary M and father Charles R.P. Hodgson (Stockbroker) By 1901 mother, Mary, is head of household at Copt Hall and Henry C., now aged 14. By 1911, Henry Cecil is reported as aged 23 [24?] living at Copt Hall, Mill Hill (Now the grounds of Copthall School, Mill Hill). He is cited to be a gentleman with the head being Mary 'Nicoll' Hodgson (Nicholl is a name long associated with Copt Hall since 16th century). Henry Charles Hodgson Was registered born Q2 or Q3 1888 in the Edmonton Registration District. The death record shows date of birth as 23rd August 1888. In 1891, he is recorded as being 2 years and living at 20 Suffield Road, Tottenham. At the time of the 1901 Census, now aged 12 (at last birthday) he is recorded living at 2 Greyhound Road, Tottenham. On the 1911 census Henry Charles Hodgson was aged 22 and cited to be a Compositor (Manufacturing Process Finisher). Son to Robert and Rosa Hodgson and living at 20 Tynemouth Road, Tottenham. Married to Daisy May [Harrap] at St. Bartholomews Church, Stamford Hill on 22nd December 1912 with address noted to be 68 Ethuley [Etherley] Road, Tottenham. Daughter: Sylvia Daisy Hodgson born 28th November 1916 as stated on a Service Record, but a birth register shows Sylvia D Hodgson Q1 1914 Henry Charles Hodgson enlisted aged 27 years and 9 months A note exists together with the Enlistment Record that date of death was 1970. Death record: Q1 1970 Henry Charles: District Haringey There is very little actual evidence to confirm which of these men is actually the right person who went on to become a member of Broxbourne Lodge. This evidence is tenuously linked and requires further information and analysis before concluding with any certainty. There is, perhaps, a clue in the ages at census. If Henry was 29 when initiated into Freemasonry, the evidence would lend itself more to Henry Charles, as Henry Cecil would undoubtedly have been older than 30. The Lodge details show Henry Hodgson - an Air Mechanic Instructor was initiated aged 29 on September 22nd 1917 (with 3 others), Passed on October 27th 1917 and Raised on March 2nd 1918.

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Mother : Broxbourne No. 2353 E.C.Hertfordshire

27th September 1917
27th October 1917
2nd March 1918

Register shows "Killed in Action" after 2 years of War Service.

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