1. Book:The (1921) Masonic Roll of Honour 1914-1918Pg.133
2. Memorial:The (1940) Scroll - WW1 Roll of Honour59A GQS

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Educated at the Royal Military College Italy.

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Action : Natural Causes 

Natural causes is attributed those deaths due to causes that were not directly associated with the war. Included in this are wartime deaths resulting from, for example, theSpanish Influenza pandemic and its associated pneumonia problems and other attributions such as age and exhaustion. It also groups those who through Post Traumatic Stress committed suicide as a result of their experiences.

Noted as having fought with Garibaldi and having raise the 1st Sad Guides of Garibaldi. Fought during the seige of Paris. In 1914 engaged in raising a 'Foreign Legion' in London to assist the Imperial forces.

In the 1914 book, The War Book of Facts page 28 shows an entry for :RICCI, Chevalier Luigi, is one of the few Garibaldians still living, and is now organizing a foreign legion in London to help the Imperial forces. He was educated at the Royal Military College in Italy, nearly half a century ago, when his admiration for Garibaldi induced him to raise a troop of volunteers at his own expense to help the patriot. He fought for France during the siege of Paris.

His name appears in The Star newspaper of Tuesday, September 29th, 1914, which reads
" ... Meanwhile the foreigners in our midst who desire to do something for Britain and are physically fit to under war's hardships, are rallying to the flag raised by Chevalier Luigi Ricci, sometime of the First Squadron Guides of Garibaldi. He is raising a force to be known as the King's Foreign Legion, and within two days of making his appeal for recruits had enrolled over 500 men, who have agreed to go anywhere Lord Kitchener may see fit to send them. The candidates are of all nationalities except Germans, Austrians and Turks, and some of these have offered themselves and been refused. ..."

His death was seen recorded in the The Staffordshire Weekly Sentinel 2nd October, 1915 : "The death is announced, at the age of 73, of the Chevalier Luigi Ricci, a Garibaldi veteran teach of Italian, and a Professor in London University. He was found dead in bed at his address in Westbourne Park road, Paddington. At the inquest on Saturday medical evidence ascribed death to syncope following heart disease, and a verdict to that effect was returned."

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Mother : Montefiore No. 1017 E.C.London
Joined : Sir Edward Clarke No. 3601 E.C. West Kent
Joined : Dante No. 3707 E.C. London

25th January 1882
22nd March 1882
26th April 1882

Joined Sir Edward Clarke Lodge No. 3601 on the 16th April, 1912. He is shown as a petitioner and founder member coming from Montefiore Lodge No. 1017, his mother lodge. He was initiated into Montefiore in 1882, long before many of those who died in the Great War were even born. He was a Teacher of Music. He further joined Dante Lodge No. 3707 in 1913, as a petitioner and founder member, becoming its first Senior Warden.

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