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Son of Amos Sharpe; husband of Daisy Sharpe, of 77, Gladesmore Rd., Stamford Hill, London.

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Unit / Ship / Est.: 1/Gloucestershire Regiment 

1st Battalion August 1914 : in Bordon. Part of 3rd Brigade in 1st Division. Landed at Le Havre 13 August 1914.

Action : The Battle of Loos and associated actions 

"The Battle of Loos (25 September to 18 October 1915) was the major battle on the Western Front in 1915, surpassing in every respect all that had gone before in terms of numbers of men and materiel committed to battle. The preliminary bombardment was the most violent to date and the battle was charaterised by the committment of Regular and Territorial battalions on a large scale, in which the Territorials performed just as well as the Regulars. As the battles on the Western Front in 1915 increased in size and violence, so the casualties increased in proportion: Neuve Chapelle 12,000, Aubers Ridge/Festubert 29,000 , Loos 60,000. 1916 was to take the casualty cost to another level. Loos was intended as a minor role in support of French efforts around Arras but circumstances reduced the French effort. It marked the first use of poison gas by the British. Once the initial assualt had failed the battle continued in a series of actions mostly focused on the northern sector around the tactically important Hohenzollern Redoubt."

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Mother : Aldershot Camp No. 1331 E.C.Hampshire & IOW

8th April 1914
13th May 1914
10th June 1914

Listed as a 31 year old Quarter Master Sergeant, resident or stationed at Bordon in 1914 when initiated into Aldershot Camp Lodge No. 1331. The contribution record shows that he was "Killed in Action 13th Oct/14," which was five days after James Sidney Morris, who was initiated, passed and raised on the same occasions as George.

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