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The Battle of Loos and associated actions

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 "The Battle of Loos (25 September to 18 October 1915) was the major battle on the Western Front in 1915, surpassing in every respect all that had gone before in terms of numbers of men and materiel committed to battle. The preliminary bombardment was the most violent to date and the battle was charaterised by the committment of Regular and Territorial battalions on a large scale, in which the Territorials performed just as well as the Regulars. As the battles on the Western Front in 1915 increased in size and violence, so the casualties increased in proportion: Neuve Chapelle 12,000, Aubers Ridge/Festubert 29,000 , Loos 60,000. 1916 was to take the casualty cost to another level. Loos was intended as a minor role in support of French efforts around Arras but circumstances reduced the French effort. It marked the first use of poison gas by the British. Once the initial assualt had failed the battle continued in a series of actions mostly focused on the northern sector around the tactically important Hohenzollern Redoubt."

 Rank Initials Surname Died Lodge
 2Lt P.W. MELLOR 02-07-1915 Newstead No. 47
 Tpr R.H. CRAMER 23-09-1915 Bulawayo No. 2566
 2Lt W. COOPER 25-09-1915 An Irish Lodge No. 0
Inhabitants No. 153
 LCpl. D. GEDDES 25-09-1915 Civil Service No. 3118
 2Lt C.B. GEDGE 25-09-1915 Golders Green No. 3410
 Maj. T.A. GLENNY 25-09-1915 Neeld No. 3720
Royal Colonial Institute No. 3556
 Lt. C.N.D. INGLIS 25-09-1915 Light in Adjoodhia No. 836
Nripendra Narayan No. 2446
 Capt. I.F. MACKAY 25-09-1915 Kerala No. 2188
 Lt. K.F. MACKENZIE 25-09-1915 Apollo University No. 357
 Capt. E.C. MUDGE DCM 25-09-1915 Lodge Orion in the West No. 415
 Capt. C. NELSON 25-09-1915 Beauchamp No. 1422
 Sgt. N.J. REYNOLDS 25-09-1915 Rural Philanthropic No. 291
 Lt. C. SCHOFIELD 25-09-1915 St John's Lodge of Colombo No. 454
 Capt. H.L. SKRINE 25-09-1915 Aldershot Army and Navy No. 1971
Apollo University No. 357
 Capt. S.G. STROMQUIST 25-09-1915 Guardian No. 2625
 C.S.M. C.H. TIBBERT 25-09-1915 Castle No. 1436
 Maj. A.J.N. TREMEARNE 25-09-1915 Royal Colonial Institute No. 3556
St Paul's No. 2277
 2Lt A.W. TUCKEY 25-09-1915 Wayfarers No. 1926
 LCpl. P.E. WARNE 25-09-1915 Cotehele No. 2166
 Capt. G.C.B. WILLOCK 25-09-1915 Kaisar-i-Hind No. 1724
 Lt. T.P. WOOD 25-09-1915 Chutter Munzil No. 3276
 C.S.M. L.A. YEOMANS 25-09-1915 Aldershot Camp No. 1331
 Lt. V.B. BARNETT 26-09-1915 Samson No. 1668
 Capt. A.E. BULLOCK 26-09-1915 Sancta Maria No. 2682
 Lt. W. CADGE 26-09-1915 Nuwara Eliya No. 2991
 Capt. E.B. CARDEW 26-09-1915 Dalhousie Lodge of Mussoorie & Deyrah No. 639
Marine No. 232
Siwalik No. 2939
 Capt. T. CHARTERIS 26-09-1915 Connaught No. 3270
Elstree No. 3092
Raymond Thrupp No. 2024
Scots No. 2319
 Lt. E. FAULKS 26-09-1915 Empress No. 2581
 Maj. H.M. FORSTER 26-09-1915 Mid-Surrey No. 3109
 2Lt W.H.G. MEIRE 26-09-1915 St John's Lodge of Colombo No. 454

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