1. Book:The (1921) Masonic Roll of Honour 1914-1918Pg.136
2. Memorial:The (1933) Scroll - Roll of Honour12C GQS

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Early Life :

Born in Sheerness, Kent to Charles and Hannah Stride, March 1852.

His marriage is recorded in the Nottinghamshire Guardian on the 7th December 1877 - "On the 24th ult., at the Parish Church of St. Pancras, in the county of Middlesex, Charles Thomas Stride, sergeant Sixth Dragoon Guards, to Marth, fift daughter of Mr. Richard Hickman, of Elston, Notts."

In 1911 he is recorded, according to the 1911 census, to be living at 43 East Borough, Wimborne, with wife and family. He is an Army Pensioner, but recorded as an Inspector of Pensions. He was with his wife, Martha (nee Hickman) and the two remaining sons, William George and Cyril Andrew. The married couple had been 33 years married, and between them had 11 children, one of which had died.

Family :

His marriage to Martha at the Parish Church of St. Pancras was solemnized on 24th November 1877. At the time he was recorded as being resident at the Parish of St. Giles, Colchester (Colchester Garrison).

Military :


Unit :Not Yet Known 
Attached : 
Action :Accident 

He joined the 6th Dragoon Guards and retired, aged 44, as a Squadron Sergeant Major on the 15th August 1896. His regimental number was 902. There is nothing, yet, to suggest that Charles rejoined - his date of death is so early in the war effort, that it almost seems unlikely that he would have answered any call to arms in the short period of August 1914 to his death, 2nd September 1914.

Detail :

It would have been unlikely at age of 62 that Charles would see action in the opening days of the war in France, so another explanation is required. The Western Gazette of the 4th September 1914 provides the context: "RECRUITING TRAGEDY. - YEOMANRY SERGEANT-MAJOR KILLED. - FOUND DYING ON A ROAD NEAR WIMBORNE. Sergeant-Major Charles Thomas Stride, of Wimborne, was found lying unconscious, face downwards, in the main Wimborne to Cranborne-road, near Sunday's Barn, on the outskirts of the town, on Wednesday morning, and he died on admission to the hospital. Deceased bicycle, to which was attached an auto-wheel, was lying near by practically uninjured - the step was slightly bent- and it was surmised that Mr. Stride, who of late had been exceptionally busy in carrying out the duties of a recruiting officer, to which he was appointed shortly after the outbreak of the war - in fact, he was on a journey in connection with recruiting when he me his death- either was taken suddenly ill and fell from the machine, or he had a mishap with the bicycle. No-one appears to have sen the accident, but about 11.45 a.m. Mr H. Stevenson, head gardener to Sir Richard Glyn, and Mr. J. Willis, coachman to Captain C.S. Glyn, who happened to be passing, saw Mr. Stride lying in the road. Deceased must have fallen with great force, as the skull was badly fractured, and the face and left arm were very much bruised. Two ladies with a knowledge of first aid, were passing advised the removal of the deceased to the shade by the roadside, and the news of the painful discovery was immediately brought into Wimborne, and several doctors were summoned to the scene of the mishap. A cursory examination of the body was sufficient, however, to indicate the case was practically hopeless. Deceased was placed on a motor-car, and, in charge of P.C.'s Cornick and Durant, removed to the Cottage Hospital. He did not, however, regain consciousness and died about one o'clock. The tragic circumstances connected with the death occasioned a painful sensation in the town and neighbourhood, where Sergeant-Major Stride was well-known and held in high esteem, and sincere sympathy is extended to the widow, who is in indifferent health and family. A pathetic coincidence connected with the death was the fact that four of the deceased's sons were at the time on war service.

Mr. Stride, who was 62 years of age last March was largely IDENTIFIED WITH THE PUBLIC LIFE OF THE TOWN. A strenuous worker, he had held several offices, chief of which was that of sanitary and building inspector- a part-time appointment - to the Wimborne and Cranborne Rural District Council, which necessitated the looking after of 81,010 acres and some 15,000 people. Mr. Stride was appointed inspector of nuisances by the rural sanitary authority, as it was then termed, in 1891, in succession to Mr. Alfred Dowding, the post of building inspector being created quite recently. Deceased was also tax collector for the parish of Canford Magna (which includes Broadstone); he was one of the assistant-masters at the Grammar School, being responsible for the gymnastic, shooting , and drill; for many years had been hon. secretary of the Wimborne Minster Habitation of the Primrose League; and of late years had undertaken the secretarial duties in connection with the Wimborne and district Company of the National Reserve. He was a sidesman at the Minster, and had served the office of churchwarden for two years. Deceased was also a member of the Committee of the Wimborne Conservative Club, and a member of the local Lodge of Freemasons.

Sergeant-Major Stride was particularly and justifiably proud of his long service with the Army and the Dorset Yeomanry. He joined the 6th Dragoon Guards (Carabiniers) at the age of 18 years, served a portion of time in India, and had altogether completed 31 years' service, of which 19 had been with the Wimborne Troop of Yeomanry, suceeding the late Sergeant-Major Kerr as instructor on being transferred in 1882 from the depot at Cantebury. His services as a troop sergeant-major surpassed that of any other sergeant-major of the Queen's Own by three years, and it is doubtful if there had ever been a more popular non-commissioned officer attached to the Regiment. The sergeant-major saw many changes in the Troop, of which he was one of the oldest when he retired. Over 100 members joined in his time, and he served under three captains, three colonels, and five adjutants. The esteem and regard in which he was held was testified to on his retirement some years ago by the past and present members of the Troop presenting him with a purse of gold (£40) and two silver candlesticks.

THE INQUEST took place yesterday (Thursday) at eleven a.m., at the Cottage Hospital, being conducted by the Coroner for the Hundred (Mr. Hy. O Chislett). Dr. Ray was of opinion death was due to compression of the brain, due to a fracture of the skull. A verdict was returned that deceased met his death from a fall from a bicycle, but how could not be said."

Probate shows: STRIDE, Charles Thomas of Wimborne, Dorsetshire, sanitary inspector - died 2 September 1914. Administration Blandford 5 November to Charles Richard Stride, estate agent and Samuel Stride, jeweller's manager. Effects £494 13s

His name is commemorated on the Dorset Freemasons Memorial screen at Sherborne Abbey.

Accidents were a minor factor in the casualty list. Our definition is deaths resulting from activities that were not directly associated with 'active service'. We have excluded Naval Accidents which are seperately identified because of their numbers and impact. Many accidents involved the aviators, operating at the the limits of technology.

Masonic :

TypeLodge Name and No.Province/District :
Mother : Royal Military No. 1449 E.C.East Kent
Joined : Lodge of St Cuthberga No. 622 E.C. Dorset
Joined : Dorset Masters No. 3366 E.C. Dorset

11th July 1881
12th September 1881
14th November 1881

Initiated into Royal Military Lodge No. 1449, Canterbury on 11th July 1881 but resigned on the 11th Feb 1883. He joined St. Cuthberga Lodge No. 622 1st February 1886. By 1911, recorded as a "Gentleman", he joined Dorset Masters Lodge No. 3366 on 8th November, quoting back to his mother Lodge. Record of Dorset Masters shows "Died September 1914", Old Cuthberga narrowing it to 2nd September 1914. He is listed amongst the Lodge's war dead in the 1921 book and 1933 scroll.

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