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Early Life :

Born in Kent to Charles and Hannah Stride, March 1852.

In 1911 he is recorded, according to the 1911 census, to be living at 43 East Borough, Wimbone, with wife and family. He is an Army Pensioner, but recorded as an Inspector of Pensions. He was with his wife, Martha (nee Hickman) and the two remaining sons, William George and Cyril Andrew. The married couple had been 33 years married, and between them had 11 children, one of which had died.

Family :

His marriage to Martha at the Parish Church of St. Pancras was solemnized on 24th November 1877. At the time he was recorded as being resident at the Parish of St. Giles, Colchester (Colchester Garrison).

Military :

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He joined the 6th Dragoon Guards and retired, aged 44, as a Squadron Sergeant Major on the 15th August 1896. His regimental number was 902. There is nothing, yet, to suggest that Charles rejoined - his date of death is so early in the war effort, that it almost seems unlikely that he would have answered any call to arms in the short period of August 1914 to his death, 2nd September 1914.

Action :

Probate shows: STRIDE, Charles Thomas of Wimborne, Dorsetshire, sanitary inspector - died 2 September 1914. Administration Blandford 5 November to Charles Richard Stride, estate agent and Samuel Stride, jeweller's manager. Effects £494 13s

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Masonic :

TypeLodge Name and No.Province/District :
Mother : Royal Military No. 1449 E.C.East Kent
Joined : Lodge of St Cuthberga No. 622 E.C. Dorset
Joined : Dorset Masters No. 3366 E.C. Dorset

11th July 1881
12th September 1881
14th November 1881

Initiated into Royal Military Lodge No. 1449, Canterbury on 11th July 1881 but resigned on the 11th Feb 1883. He joined St. Cuthberga Lodge No. 622 1st February 1886. By 1911, recorded as a "Gentleman", he joined Dorset Masters Lodge No. 3366 on 8th November, quoting back to his mother Lodge. Record of Dorset Masters shows "Died September 1914", Old Cuthberga narrowing it to 2nd September 1914

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