1. Memorial:The (1940) Scroll - WW1 Roll of Honour59D GQS

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Mother : United Service No. 2735 E.C.India
Joined : Army & Navy No. 3651 E.C. India
Joined : Deolali No. 3710 E.C. India
Joined : St. John's No. 434 E.C. Madras

15th June 1908
20th July 1908
17th August 1908

Frederick Wells was a Founder member of Deolali Lodge on 14th March 1914. He joined from Army and Navy Lodge No. 3651 in Bombay, where he was also recorded as a founder member on 28th April 1913. He was a member of St. Johns Lodge No. 434, Secunderabad having joined on 27th December 1910. His mother Lodge was actually United Services Lodge No. 2735 at Bangalore, India where he was initiated in 1908.

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There are two separate entries for Frederick on the roll under two different Lodges.

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