1. Memorial:Beacon Cemetery, Sailly-LauretteIII. F. 18.
2. Book:The (1921) Masonic Roll of Honour 1914-1918Pg.139
3. Memorial:The (1940) Scroll - WW1 Roll of Honour32D GQS

Awards & Titles:


Family :

Son of William and Margaret Hannah Winterford; husband of Margaret B. Winterford, of Morlancourt, Annerley, Brisbane. Native of Pimpama, Queensland. Ranger/ Land Commissioner / Civil Servant.

Service Life:


Unit / Ship / Est.: 25/Australian Infantry, A.I.F. 

BEAN 19 May. 145. at&. on Morlancourt. 10-11 June 219 223.41;
BEAN 25th Battallon (Q?land), 42, 190, I ~ I R , attacks O.G. Lines, ?g July, 627, 630.1. 633-6. 638. (casualties) 643, preparations for attack of 4-5 Aug , 666-7, attacks 0 C Lines, 4-5 Aug., 677 et scq, 690% 691, 693, 694, casualties. 25 July-7 Aug., 724));

BEAN relieves Gellibrand?s column, PO a1 Mar., 1 7 7 ~1 88; morale of, 189; captures Lagnicourt 26 Mar., 188-105; 13 Dde. relieves:

BEAN Second Bullecourt: plan( 424. 430. 453. attacks, 3 May, 44 8 454 455 456n. 4749s. first &r: c/aitack b61-2 467 second c/attack 470. 2s? Bn. ;oins ?5 Bde. in 0.G: Lines. 471-7. -476 et sea. (withdraws) 481,-?48& 486, 495 ? 493. 14 Bde. relieves, 8 May, 527,

Action : The First Battles of the Somme 1918 and associated actions 

21 March - 4 July 1918. The Battles of the Somme in 1918 were mostly concerned with stemming the German advance which started in March 1918 and which made considerable gains in the Somme/Arras sector. Utilising surplus troops which had become available following the surrender of Russia after the October Revolution, the Germans gambled on a massive campaign that could win the war in the west before the USA could bring its resources to bear. Initial gains were in places spectacular but eventually dogged resistance coupled with supply problems and sheer exhaustion closed down the battle. Other attacks were launched along the front to probe the Allied defences but the same pattern of initial gains followed by stalemate prevailed. British casualties were almost 345,000.

Served in theBoer War with the Queensland Mounted Infantry.
Enlisted aged 42 in Jan 1916. Wounded 4/10/17, SW Thigh, Medical Board 17 Dec 17 adjusts to 'GSW of the upper side of the left thigh, entry in front, exit behind. No operation, no injury of bone or nerve. The wound has been healed a week, he can walk a mile'. EFFECTS LIST INC REGALIA Returns to France April 1918,

Masonic :

TypeLodge Name and No.Province/District :
Mother : Tyrian No. 1628 E.C.Unknown
Joined : St. George No. 1978 E.C. Unknown
Joined : Duke of Connaught No. 3358 E.C. Queensland

7th October 1908
4th November 1908
31st March 1909

Senior Warden
He was recorded under St. George Lodge, but mother lodge is Tyrian. Also joined Duke of Connaught Lodge.

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