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The First Battles of the Somme 1918 and associated actions

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 21 March - 4 July 1918. The Battles of the Somme in 1918 were mostly concerned with stemming the German advance which started in March 1918 and which made considerable gains in the Somme/Arras sector. Utilising surplus troops which had become available following the surrender of Russia after the October Revolution, the Germans gambled on a massive campaign that could win the war in the west before the USA could bring its resources to bear. Initial gains were in places spectacular but eventually dogged resistance coupled with supply problems and sheer exhaustion closed down the battle. Other attacks were launched along the front to probe the Allied defences but the same pattern of initial gains followed by stalemate prevailed. British casualties were almost 345,000.

 Rank Initials Surname Died Lodge
 Pte. A. ADAMS 02-10-1917 Cinque Ports No. 1206
Royal Kent Lodge of Antiquity No. 20
 Cpl. J. DELLOW 21-03-1918 Delaval No. 2568
 Capt. J.H.S. DIMMER VC MC 21-03-1918 An Irish Lodge No. 0
Pentangle No. 1174
 Pte. O.G. DIXON 21-03-1918 Royal Military No. 1449
 Gnr. J. ELSTON 21-03-1918 James T. Callow No. 3596
 Pte. R.S. GOODBURN 21-03-1918 Bradstow No. 2448
 Pte. M.S. HEMSLEY 21-03-1918 Graystone No. 1915
 Gnr. W.V. LACEY 21-03-1918 Lodge of Unanimity No. 113
 2Lt W. PARK 21-03-1918 Ashington No. 2868
 Sgt. D.A. POOLE 21-03-1918 Newstead No. 47
 LCpl. J.H. SEGAR 21-03-1918 Royal Warrant Holders No. 2789
 Spr. S.A.J. SMALE 21-03-1918 United Service No. 3473
 C.S.M. A.B. SWALLOW 21-03-1918 Noel No. 2444
 Capt. W.W. TAYLOR 21-03-1918 Goodacre No. 2495
 Capt. N.J. WILKINSON 21-03-1918 Lodge of Fidelity No. 430
 Capt. J.S. BOAST MC 22-03-1918 Widnes No. 2819
 Capt. C.N. CARLETON-STIFF 22-03-1918 Zetland No. 561
 Pte. C.E.E. ESAU 22-03-1918 Temple No. 558
 2Lt C.J. FAIRWEATHER 22-03-1918 Quetta No. 2333
 LCpl. J. GLASS 22-03-1918 Lodge Temperance No. 2557
 LCpl. C.C. PLUCKNETT 22-03-1918 Lewis No. 1185
 2Lt A.A.C. SHARP 22-03-1918 Lodge of Amity No. 137
 Lt. T.A.W. CROZIER MC 23-03-1918 Ulster No. 2972
 Pte. J.A. FISHER 23-03-1918 Wilbraham No. 1713
 Capt. G. GIBBINS 23-03-1918 Lord Warden No. 1096
 2Lt A. BAILEY 24-03-1918 Loyal Cambrian No. 110
 Lt. R.W. CALLISON 24-03-1918 St Thomas's No. 1914
 Maj. H.N. DAVENPORT MC 24-03-1918 Churchill No. 478
 Lt.Col. C.G. FARQUHARSON MC 24-03-1918 Navy No. 2612
St. John & St. Paul No. 349
 Capt. W.G. GABAIN MC 24-03-1918 Isaac Newton University No. 859

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