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Early Life :

Major Charles Dovey did serve originally with the Dragoon Guards in Great Britain before emigrating to NZ via Australia.

He went overseas however on the troopship Waitemata as officer in charge.

It was his wife Kate Dovey and his niece Elsie Grey who travelled to Great Britain on the SS Rotorua.

Elsie had tried to enlist in 1915 but was declined on the recommendations that she get qualified as a registered nurse first before applying. On applying once again, she was declined, presumably as her services were deemed unnecessary. However her uncle Charles Dovey 2nd in charge of NZ Stationary Hospital, Brockenhurst encouraged her and his wife to come to Britain on the premise "if they don't want you, we'll certainly use your help."

So they and I gather one or two other nurses paid their own way to come across to aid the war effort." Information kindly provided by Holms family via AWMM

Family :

Mrs Kathleen Dovey (wife), 21 Grass Street, Oriental Bay, Wellington, New Zealand

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Although many perished in times of national conflict and in the service of their country, many more survived including those interned as Prisoners of War. Stories of those who did survive are included as part of this site, especially those with high gallantry awards, those included against an external rolls of honour and those who had a distinguished career in wartime and military leaderhip.

26 July 1916 from Wellington, New Zealand
HMNZT 59 or HMNZT 60 Vessel was Waitemata or Ulimaroa
Captain/Military Headquarters Staff
Officer Commanding Troops
New Zealand Expeditionary Force

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Mother : United Manawatu No. 1721 E.C.New Zealand (North Island)


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