1. Book:Beyond The Five PointsPgs 86-88

Awards & Titles:

Victoria Cross
Companion of The Most Honourable Order of the Bath

Education & Career :

Educated at Victoria College, Jersey.

Service Life:


Unit / Ship / Est.: East Lancashire Regiment 

Action : War Survivor 

Although many perished in times of national conflict and in the service of their country, many more survived including those interned as Prisoners of War. Stories of those who did survive are included as part of this site, especially those with high gallantry awards, those included against an external rolls of honour and those who had a distinguished career in wartime and military leaderhip.

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London Gazette. The citation for his award appears on Page 2553 of Issue 24793, published on the 17th May, 1881.

"For conspicuous bravery during the action at Shah-jui, on the 24th October, 1879, in leading a party of five or six men of the 59th Regiment against a body of the enemy, of unknown strength, occupying an almost inaccessible position on the top of a precipitous hill. The nature of the ground made any sort of regular formation impossible, and Captain Sartorius had to bear the first brunt of the attack from the whole body of the enemy, who fell upon him and his men as they gained the top of the precipitous pathway; but the gallant and determined bearing of this Officer, emulated as it was by his men, led to the most perfect success, and the surviving occupants of the hill top. seven in number, were all killed. In this encounter Captain Sartorius was wounded by sword cuts in both hands, and one of his men was killed."

Masonic :

TypeLodge Name and No.Province/District :
Mother : Friends in Council No. 1383 E.C.London
Joined : Aldershot Army and Navy No. 1971 E.C. Hampshire & IOW
Joined : Excelsior Lodge No. 1722 E.C. Punjab

2nd June 1874
1st September 1874
1st December 1874

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