1. Book:Book of Remembrance, Freemasons Hall Kolkata
2. Memorial:Singapore Memorial, KranjiCol.424 Singapore

Awards & Titles:


Early Life :

Son of Alec and Margaret Brindle, of Benoni, Transvaal, South Africa.

Service Life:


Unit / Ship / Est.: Royal Air Force 

Action : Air Campaign 

The use of aircraft as a platform for observation, also gave rise to strategic bombing raids on military and civil targets

Detail :

See also: South Africa War Graves Project.

580360, Warrant Officer H.A. Brindle, 681 Squadron, Royal Air Force. Killed in Action whilst flying in Mitchell N5-143, conducting photo reconnaissance of Rangoon Docks, Mingaldon, Kayatawin, Rasshin. The aircraft failed to return.

Masonic :

TypeLodge Name and No.Province/District :
Mother : True Freemasonry No. 1865 E.C.Bengal


His name is recorded in a book located at Freemasons Hall in Kolkata (Calcutta) bearing the following inscription:
"This book is dedicated to the Sacred Memory of Members from various Masonic Bodies of the District of Bengal who laid down their Lives in the cause of Freedom in the Great World War of 1939 - 1945"

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