Memorial .Greenwich Cemetery"Screen Wall. 1 ""C."" B. 1147."

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At present we have been unable to find any substantial information on this Brother beyond that offered by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

Family :

  Son of Edward Davis, of Salisbury; husband of Hilda M. Davis, of 93, Deansfield Rd., Well Hall, London.

Military :

Unit :  Army Pay Corps 

Action : Post War 

Post War includes all operations in all theatres up to 31st August 1921. This excludes the campaign in Russia against the Bolsheviks. It also includes men who succombed to wounds post war and who died from various causes whilst still in the services but post war.

Masonic :

TypeLodge Name and No.Province/District :
Mother : West Norwood No. 3598 E.C.London

7th February 1917
22nd August 1917
3rd October 1917

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