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Mentioned in Despatches

Family :

Son of the late Colonel F. A. Forsyth, late 5th Fusiliers.

John Cusack Forsyth was one of 5 brothers and two sisters born to Colonel Frederick Arthur Forsyth and Ellen Sanford Forsyth. 4 of the 5 would be killed in the service of the crown in what has been described as a “real life Private Ryan” story: Arthur was in the Royal Norfolks and died of Malaria contracted in Nigeria on active service in 1909. His brother Sam was also a Gunner, and was killed in action in France in September 1915. The youngest, Cusack, a half Colonel commanding the 6th Yorkshires was Killed in Action in September 1916.

3 brothers killed in consecutive Septembers must have been a heavy weight for the family and for the surviving brother, Frederick, who was a member of Tiune Lodge and the Old Wellingtonian Lodge No 3404.

Education & Career :

John Cusack Forsyth went to Wellington in the Michelmas term of 1897, following three of his brothers to the Murray (the other brother went to Malvern). He went to Woolwich and the RMA.

Military :


Unit :Adjt. 23rd Brigade 
Attached : 
Action :The Battle of the Aisne 1914 and subsidiary actions 

He was commissioned into the Gunners in 1902

Detail :

His name appeared indirectly in a family oriented article in the Leamington Spa Courier on the 18th September, shortly before his demise: "Lieutenant F.R.G. Forsyth, Seaforth Highlanders (Ross Buffs, the Duke of Albany's) has been appointed aide-de-camp and to be seconded. Lieutenant Forsyth is the eldest son of the late Colonel Forsyth of "Netherleigh," Leamington. Three other sons of Colonel Forsyth are also serving their country in the Army. they are Lieut. J.C. Forsyth, Adjutant, Royal Field Artillery; S.S. Forsyth, Orderly, Royal Field Artillery; and Lieut. Cusack G. Forsyth, Yorkshire Regiment (Alexandra, Princess of Wales's)."

His death was reported as late news in the Coventry Evening Telegraph 28th September 1914 - "WARWICKSHIRE LIEUTENANT KILLED IN ACTION. Lieut. J.C. Forsyth, of Leamington, Adjutant of the 23rd Brigade Royal Field Artillery, was killed in action on the 23rd inst. Deceased was well known in sporting circles in this district. He was the brother of Mr. S.S. Forsyth, solicitor, of Coventry, who is now serving in the same brigade."

The Leamington Spa Courier provide more detail in an article written for 2nd October, 1914 - "LOCAL CASUALTIES - Killed Lieut J.C. Forsyth. This week, as last, we record with deep regret the death in action of another Leamingtonian, a member of a well-known family. We feel sure the very deepest sympathy will be felt for Mrs. Forsyth, widow of Lieutenant Colonel Forsyth, in the death of her second son, Lieutenant John Cusack Forsyth, who was killed in action in the batttle of the Aisne on September 23rd. The news was received in London by Mrs. Forsyth last Sunday in a telegram from her son Mr. S.S. Forsyth, who is serving in the 23rd Brigade Royal Field Artillery, of which Lieutenant J.C. Forsyth was Adjutant.

Lieutenant Forsyth, who was the grandson of the late Mrs. Roney-Dougal, of Leamington, was born in November, 1884, and educated at Wellington and the Royal Military Academy at Woolwich, whence he passed in 1905 into the Royal Artillery. Lieutenant Forsyth served as the chief Military stations in England and Ireland. Although of a somewhat reserved nature and undemonstrative, he was particularly zealous and painstaking officer, respected by brother officers and men. Locally he was well-known as a fine and courageous horseman and rider to hounds, and he was very popular in social circles. Lieutenant Forsyth was the second brother in a family of five sons serving their country. It will be recalled that Lieutenant Arthur R. Forsyth and of Mrs. Forsyth, died of malarial fever in Norther Nigeria when serving in 1909 in the African Frontier Force."

Probate FORSYTH John Cusack of Bulford Camp Salisbury lieutenant R.F.A. died 22 September 1914 at Brenelle Braisne France having been killed in action. Probate London 19 January to Cusack Grant Forsyth a captain in His Majesty's Yorkshire Regiment. Effects £7561 16s 9d.

He was serving as acting Adjutant 23rd Brigade when he was killed in action. He was also Mentioned in Despatches. He is buried at Braine Communal Cemetery.

12 - 15 September 1914. Following the defeat and retreat from the Marne, the German army stood and defended the next defensible river, the Aisne. This offered significant defensive potential on the high bluffs overlooking the river but the BEF succeeded in pushing back the Germans. The first examples of trench warfare emerged on the Aisne as trenches became necessary to offer protection from concentrated artillery barrages.

Masonic :

TypeLodge Name and No.Province/District :
Mother : Ubique No. 1789 E.C.London

15th November 1912
21st February 1913
15th August 1913

Forsyth was a member of Ubique Lodge No 1789 and regular visitor to his brother's Lodge the Old Wellingtonian Lodge No 3404.

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