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The Battle of the Aisne 1914 and subsidiary actions

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 12 - 15 September 1914. Following the defeat and retreat from the Marne, the German army stood and defended the next defensible river, the Aisne. This offered significant defensive potential on the high bluffs overlooking the river but the BEF succeeded in pushing back the Germans. The first examples of trench warfare emerged on the Aisne as trenches became necessary to offer protection from concentrated artillery barrages.

 Rank Initials Surname Died Lodge
 Capt. F. FISHER 13-09-1914 Lodge of Emulation No. 21
 C.Q.M.S. C.T. CHESTERTON 14-09-1914 Comrades Lodge No. 2976
 Lt. A.K.D. GEORGE 14-09-1914 Lodge of Faith, Hope and Charity No. 1285
 2Lt R.W.M. LOCKWOOD 14-09-1914 West Essex No. 2561
 C.S.M. T.W. OATWAY 14-09-1914 Comrades No. 2740
 Q.M.S. G.P.L. CASTLETON 15-09-1914 Wayfarers No. 1926
 Capt. C.L. PRICE DSO 16-09-1914 Lodge of Unity, Peace, and Concord No. 316
St Ann's No. 593
 Lt. R.W.G. WELBY 16-09-1914 Wellesley No. 1899
 2Lt J.S. PAULSON 17-09-1914 Lodge of Harmony No. 272
 Sgt. L.B. LYONS 19-09-1914 Castle No. 1436
 Lt. E.F. BOYD 20-09-1914 Apollo University No. 357
 2Lt A.W. MELLER 20-09-1914 Coronation No. 2922
 Lt. J.F. O'CONNELL 20-09-1914 Sancta Maria No. 2682
 Capt. R.W. PEPYS 21-09-1914 Aldershot Army and Navy No. 1971
An Irish Lodge No. 0
St. John & St. Paul No. 349
St. Michael's No. 2253
 Lt. J.C. FORSYTH 22-09-1914 Ubique No. 1789
 Lt. G.P. BLACKALL-SIMONDS 26-09-1914 Globe No. 23

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