1. Memorial:Hazebrouck Communal CemeteryI. G. 32.
2. Book:The (1921) Masonic Roll of Honour 1914-1918Pg.133
3. Memorial:The (1940) Scroll - WW1 Roll of Honour48C GQS

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Family :

Son of Col. Robert Henry Francis Rennick of the British India Army and a Indian Muslim lady (name not known).

Service Life:


Unit / Ship / Est.: 40th Pathans 

Action : The Battles of Ypres 1915 (Second Ypres) 

22 April - 25 May 1915. On the 22nd April 1915 the Germans used poison gas at Ypres. This was the first 'official' use of gas and took the Allies by surprise. After initial success capitalising on the confusion and horror of this weapon, a heroic stand, initially by the Canadians and then supported by British and Indian Battalions, held the German advance. However it became clear that the Germans had achieved a tactical advantage and eventually the British were forced to retire to more a more defendable perimeter closer to Ypres. These positions were on the last ridges before Ypres and their loss would have resulted in the loss of the town and possibly open the Channel coast to German occupation with disastrous consequences for the re-supply of the BEF.

After Sandhurst he went to India before going to Staff College. He was ear-marked by Kitchener for special duty. He spent time at Simla with the Intelligence Branch of the Quarter Master General's Dept, and became an expert on Bhutan. He then went on special assignment to China.

He spoke several European languages as well as Chinese and several Indian dialects.

In his regiment as well as across India he was known as Ali Baba Colonel Rennick, in part due to his regiment's nickname "the 40 Thieves".

Detail :

"In the 40th Pathans the Commanding Officer, Colonel Rennick, an old friend, was mortally wounded, and over 300 other losses was the share of the bat talion in its first fight in Europe."

Masonic :

TypeLodge Name and No.Province/District :
Mother : Himalayan Brotherhood No. 459 E.C.London
Joined : Kitchener No. 2998 E.C. Northern India
Joined : Derajat No. 3206 E.C. London
Joined : Coronation No. 2931 E.C. North China

16th November 1891
17th December 1891
18th March 1896

Also listed as a member of HIMALAYAN BROTHERHOOD #459

Joined in 16/11/1891 when a Lieutenant, Indian Army. See Members of the Himalayan Brotherhood Simla 19 May 19th 1838 - 30 May 1927 Author Valmay S Young

The names of the Himilayan Brotherhood members have been taken from a paperback book entitled Lodge Himalayan Brotherhood No. 459 E.C. being Extracts From the Minute Books and Correspondence From the Foundation of the Lodge on May 19th, 1838 to the 30th May 1927 with a Nominal List of Members. Compiled up to the end of the year 1908 by The Late Wor. Bro. E.O.W. Wiley and Re-Edited and Extended to the year 1927 by Wor. Bro. G. Reeves-Brown (P.D.G. Chaplain Punjab) Printed under the Authority of D.G.L.

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