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The Battles of Ypres 1915 (Second Ypres)

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 22 April - 25 May 1915. On the 22nd April 1915 the Germans used poison gas at Ypres. This was the first 'official' use of gas and took the Allies by surprise. After initial success capitalising on the confusion and horror of this weapon, a heroic stand, initially by the Canadians and then supported by British and Indian Battalions, held the German advance. However it became clear that the Germans had achieved a tactical advantage and eventually the British were forced to retire to more a more defendable perimeter closer to Ypres. These positions were on the last ridges before Ypres and their loss would have resulted in the loss of the town and possibly open the Channel coast to German occupation with disastrous consequences for the re-supply of the BEF.

 Rank Initials Surname Died Lodge
 Maj. E.C. NORSWORTHY 22-04-1915 Saint Paul's No. 374
 Capt. S.R. SANDEMAN 22-04-1915 Quadratic No. 1691
Royal Crown No. 3133
 Lt.Col. A.G. BURT 23-04-1915 Alexandra No. 1065
Lodge La Tolerance No. 538
Natalia No. 1665
Quetta No. 2333
Star of Agra No. 1936
 Lt. H. STEWART 23-04-1915 Ridley No. 2260
 Rfn. J.S. DAVI[E]S 24-04-1915 Aldwych No. 3096
 2Lt C.W. LAING 24-04-1915 Military Jubilee No. 2195
 Maj. C.E. THEILMANN 24-04-1915 Kingston No. 1010
 Lt. A.R. BURNESS 25-04-1915 Radnor No. 2587
 Capt. G. CUTHBERT 25-04-1915 Gostling Murray No. 1871
 Lt. L.P. L'ANSON 25-04-1915 Ferrum No. 1848
 2Lt C.H. STEAD 25-04-1915 Inhabitants No. 153
 Lt.Col. H.W.E. HITCHINS 26-04-1915 Hova Ecclesia No. 1466
Light of the North No. 1308
 Capt. G.E. HUNTER 26-04-1915 Northumberland No. 685
 Lt.Col. F.R. RENNICK 26-04-1915 Coronation No. 2931
Derajat No. 3206
Himalayan Brotherhood No. 459
Kitchener No. 2998
 LCpl. W.M. THISTLEWOOD 26-04-1915 St Michael's Temperance No. 3401
 LCpl. W.H. BAYLES 27-04-1915 Rowlandson No. 3360
 Sgt. G.V. BOONE 27-04-1915 St. Johns Lodge No. 579
 Pte. S.C.S. HUMBLE 27-04-1915 Tynemouth Abbey No. 2971
 Capt. J.T. MONKHOUSE 27-04-1915 Hudson No. 2791
Stanhope No. 3520
 Pte. H.S. PERRY 27-04-1915 White Rose of York and Addeys' No. 2840
 LCpl. G.E. VASEY 27-04-1915 Bishop of Barking No. 3050
 Pte. R. PHOENIX 28-04-1915 Duke of Fife No. 2345
 Sgt. M.I. FINLAYSON 29-04-1915 Franklin No. 2138
 Lt. G. GORDON 30-04-1915 Light of the North No. 1308
 2Lt T. DOOLEY DCM 01-05-1915 Fidelity No. 2061
Lodge St George No. 2532
 Lt. C.H.G. MARTIN 02-05-1915 St John's No. 818
 2Lt F. FRANKLIN 03-05-1915 Alma No. 3534
Mayo No. 1406
 Pte. E.H.M. GUMPRECHT 03-05-1915 Shurmur No. 2374
 Sgt. P.G. LANCASTER 03-05-1915 Eastern Gate No. 2970
United Service No. 1341
 Pte. F.E. MOORE 03-05-1915 Saint Hubert No. 1373

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