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2. Book:The (1921) Masonic Roll of Honour 1914-1918Pg.133
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Unit / Ship / Est.: SS Northumbria 

A 872 grt (or 856 grt) steamer built in 1869 that went missing in December 1915. She sailed from the Firth of Forth, December 23, 1915 on a voyage from Granton for London with a cargo of coal but never arrived. She probably sank in a strong storm on the 23rd or 24th -- a strong low moved into the British Isles then and several other ships sank or are posted missing at exactly that time.

Action : Naval Campaign 

Naval Campaign is defined as to include all sea operations where attrition rates are in ones and twos and which do not fall within specific naval battles such as Jutland, Coronel, Falklands etc. This includes Merchant Navy losses.

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Mother : St John's No. 80 E.C.Durham

13th September 1910
14th February 1911
14th March 1911

Summons for 19th April 1921 gives the following detail: In Fraternal Remembrance of our Glorious Dead: Bro. T.S Robason, Master Mariner. Ship reported at Lloyds. Missing 28th January 1916.

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