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Mother : Jumna No. 1394 E.C.India
Joined : Triune Brotherhood No. 2121 E.C. East Punjab

1st October 1912
5th November 1912
15th November 1912

Robert's name is not recorded within the 1921 book, but appears on the 1940 scroll as Sergeant Robert Allen, under Triune Brotherhood Lodge No. 2121.

A search through the records of this lodge shows that his name is Robert Allan and not Allen, and was joined on the 16th April 1913, from Jumna Lodge 1394, but was almost immediately in arrears and resigning 31st March 1913. He is recorded as a Sergeant and resident at Kasauli. The contribution register shows payments beyond the dates of the Great war until at least 1921.

Search through Jumna shows that this is his mother Lodge. He wasn't a member of this Lodge long having resigned soon after being raised on 31st Mar 1913 (and then joined Lodge 2121 - perhaps because of a movement from Dehli to Kasauli - 300km north).

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The overriding concern for this record is that there is no date of death and that Triune lodge shows payments 1919-21. Somebody, between 1921 and 1933 had made the decision that this soldier was to be included on the Scroll. There are, unfortunately, too many with the same name to easily identify a candidate. It seems that one needs to match a date of death in the Great war (so between 34-38 years of age) with a military unit located at Dehli or Kasauli at the time of his initiation into Freemasonry.

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