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So far we have been unable to source significant information on this Brother. We hope that his lodge or other interested parties can offer more information so that we can further investigate. You can contact us via the ‘contact’ tab on our website. All information gratefully received.

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Mother : King's Navy No. 2901 E.C.East Kent

19th July 1915
17th January 1916

A manual search through the records of Kings Navy Lodge shows that he is recorded at John Allen, as a Warrant Officer, aged 34 and residing at the RN Base at Chatham. An annotation is made of "Reported Dead - Date Unknown", but is more than likely to be through 1917.

He only reached the rank of Fellowcraft.

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Age at Initiation into Kings Navy Lodge was 34. This puts birth at circa 1881. When searched under this criteria and with a possible data of death in 1917, the only real match is for John Alexander Cameron Allen (as a Temporary Engr-Sub Lt.) but it is proving challenging to find a corroboration that these two names are the same.

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