Masonic Great War Project
Copyright Statement

  This website has been constructed as a hobby project and is the product of many years hard work from several dedicated individuals. It is designed with the interests and memory of all those who have fought and died in the great war, especially who those who made a sacrifice for the security of Europe and the wider world in general. It is a not for profit site and we will not beg you for funding.

  The information stored within this site is a specialised centralised resource which can be used by anyone accessing it. The information, images, data, code has come from various sources, and in some cases too numerous to mention. However where the following have been used, the acknowledgement to the source should be in the stated location:

Code: Within the code script / page, or visible on the page.

Data: Where possible in the "Source" section of any individual's legend

Images: Where possible the image has been built from scratch, donated or sourced where the image is either widely in use or stated to be free for use on a not for profit site.

  If you believe that your copyright has been infringed in any way, please get in touch using the contact form giving full details of where and why. We will be happy to check this out. E & OE.

  If you do use any material from this site, please be courteous and use the contact form to advise us - it may be necessary for us to provide an onward courtesy to the original submitter. It may also be that we have further information to offer you, as there is still a lot of detail not yet incorporated, and it may be that through dialogue you may be in a position to help us.

  Bear one thing in mind, though. As you pass a collection box for a military charity, remember that there are still those who fight and make extreme sacrifices for our freedom and they still require our help and support today.