Victoria Cross recipients who were English Constitution Freemasons.

The Victoria Cross is the highest hounour any individual can receive in the UK honours system, and is only awarded for the acts of conspicuous gallantry and courage in the face of an enemy. To date (Apr-17), 1358 have been issued, with 3 of those issued as a bar.

It is researched that 108 of those V.C.s issued were awarded to Freemasons. A source of immense pride to Freemasons everywhere and one which the research for this website could not ignore. On the 25th April 2017, at Freemasons' Hall, Great Queen Street London, was unveiled a permanent memorial to those 64 Freemasons who were awarded the Victoria Cross during the Great War of 1914-1918 under the English Constitution.

Up to that date this project only revealed the 12 V.C. holders who were counted amongst the Great War casualties - 3 of whom had received their award in previous military actions.

Many of those awarded the Victoria Cross survived their act of courage. A full comprehensive list cannot be published whilst some of those Freemasons survive today, so this list concentrates only on the Great War and more particularly, those under the English Constitution.

RankInits.Name and HonoursService ArmLodge & No.
 Maj. C. BROMLEY VC  Infantry Mooltan No.1307
 Maj. H.A. CARTER VC  Infantry Kitchener No.2998
 Lt.Col. J.S. COLLINGS-WELLS VC DSO  Infantry Apollo University No.357
 Capt. J.H.S. DIMMER VC MC  Infantry Pentangle No.1174
 2Lt R.P. HALLOWES VC MC  Infantry Rosemary No.2851
 Col. E.B. HARTLEY VC CMG OStJ LRCP MRCS  Medical Services Nyanza No.1197
 Lt. F.W. LUMSDEN VC CB DSO  Navy Navy No.2612
 Lt. E.A. McNAIR VC  Infantry Apollo University No.357
 Maj. D. NELSON VC  Artillery Priory No.1000
 Capt. J. NORWOOD VC  Cavalry Lodge Concordia No.3102
 Capt. D. REYNOLDS VC  Artillery Kitchener No.2998
 Lt.Col. O.C.S.C. WATSON VC DSO  Infantry Loddon No.3427
 LCpl. G.H. WYATT VC  Infantry Sun, Square and Compasses No.119
 Lt.Col. G.T. DORRELL VC MBE  Artillery Corinthian No.3093
 Dmr. S.J. BENT VC MM  Infantry Cyclist No.2246
 Bdsm. T.E. RENDLE VC  Infantry Needles No.2838
 Lt.Col. P. NEAME VC  Engineers Old Cheltonian No.3223
 Lt. Cdr. E.G. ROBINSON VC  Navy Navy No.2612
 C.S.M. H. DANIELS VC  Unknown Aldershot Camp No.1331
 Brig. C.G. MARTIN VC CBE DSO  Engineers Stewart No.1960
 Cpl. J.E. GRIMSHAW VC  Infantry Llangattock No.2547
 Capt. R.R. WILLIS VC  Infantry St. John & St. Paul No.349
 LSgt. D.W. BELCHER VC  Infantry Hazara No.4159
 Lt. J.G. SMYTH VC  Infantry Farriers No.6305
 Pte. F.W.O. POTTS VC  Infantry Aldermaston No.2760
 2Lt H.V.H. THROSSELL VC  Australian Army Bulwer Lodge of Cairo No.1068
 2Lt A.J.T. FLEMING-SANDES VC  Infantry Khartoum No.2877
 Capt. J.A. SINTON VC  Unknown Triune Brotherhood No.2121
 Chap. W.R.F. ADDISON VC  Unknown Aldershot Camp No.1331
 Lt. E.K. MYLES VC DSO  Infantry Siwalik No.2939
 Pte. A.H. PROCTER VC  Infantry Cholmondeley No.1908
 Pte. W.F. FAULDS VC MC DCM  South African Forces Meridian No.1469
 C.S.M. W.J.G. EVANS VC  Infantry Wilton Lodge No.1077
 Capt. W.A. BLOOMFIELD VC  Unknown Concordia No.2685
 Pte. J.C. KERR VC  Unknown Elstree No.3092
 Lt. E.P. BENNETT VC MC  Infantry Lodge of Felicity No.58
 Lt.Col. B.C. FREYBERG VC KCB GCMG KBE DSO KStJ  Infantry Household Brigade No.2614
 Maj. G.C. WHEELER VC  Infantry Siwalik No.2939
 Sgt. W. GOSLING VC  Unknown Gooch No.1295
 Sgt. H. CATOR VC MM  Infantry Wanderers No.1604
 Lt.Col. R.L. HAINE VC MC  Unknown FitzRoy No.569
 Lt. R.N. STUART VC DSO RD  Navy Downshire No.594
 LSgt. T.F. MAYSON VC  Infantry Acacia No.1309
 P.O. E.H. PITCHER VC DSM  Navy United Service No.1428
 Maj. E. COOPER VC  Infantry St John's No.80
 C.Q.M.S. W.H. GRIMBALDESTON VC  Infantry De Lacy No.4591
 C.S.M. R.H. HANNA VC  Unknown Canada No.3527
 Lt.Col. J. SHERWOOD-KELLY VC CMG DSO  Infantry Authors No.3456
 Capt. R. GEE VC MC MP  Infantry Roll Call No.2523
 LCpl. J.A. CHRISTIE VC  Infantry Zenith No.4892
 LCpl. C.G. ROBERTSON VC MM  Infantry Deanery No.3071
 2Lt A.C. HERRING VC  Unknown Hampstead No.2408
 Capt. A.M. TOYE VC MC  Infantry Grecia No.1105
 Sgt. N.A. FINCH VC MSM  Royal Marines Lodge of Hope No.2153
 Pte. R.E. CRUICKSHANK VC  Infantry St Vedast No.4033
 Lt. G.H. DRUMMOND VC  Naval Volunteer Reserve Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve No.3923
 Dvr. H. DALZIEL VC  Australian Army Duke of Connaught No.3358
 Lt.Col. W.H. CLARK-KENNEDY VC CMG DSC  Unknown Saint Paul's No.374
 Maj. J.P. HUFFHAM VC  Infantry St David's No.393
 LCpl. A. WILCOX VC  Infantry Lodge of Israel No.1474
 2Lt W.A. WHITE VC TD  Machine Gun Corps St Luke's No.144
 Col. D.J. DEAN VC OBE DL TD  Infantry Saint Michael's No.1273
 Lt.Col. G.T. LYALL VC  Infantry Lodge of Harmony and Industry No.381
 Lt.Col. J.S. VEREKER VC GCB CBE MVO DSO MC  Infantry Vectis No.3075
 Pte. W. WOOD VC  Infantry Garrick No.4246
 Lt.Col. D.G. JOHNSON VC CB DSO MC  Infantry Bowyer No.1036
 Fd.Mar. F.S. ROBERTS VC KG KP GCSI GCB GCIE OM KStJ VD  Infantry Old Wellingtonian No.3404
 Lt.Col. R.F.J. HAYWOOD VC MC ED  Infantry Lodge of Industry No.186
 Gen. E.W.D. BELL VC CB  Infantry Saint Paul's No.374
 Brig.Gen. R.J. LOYD-LINDSAY VC KCB MP FRS  Infantry Windsor Castle No.771
 Col. A.R. DUNN VC  Infantry Royal Lodge of Friendship No.278
 Rr. Admr. W.N.W. HEWETT VC GCSI KCB  Navy Zetland No.515
  J. GORMAN VC  Unknown Zetland No.515
  H. ROWLANDS VC KCB  Unknown Zetland No.515
 Admr. J.E. COMMERELL VC GCB  Navy Zetland No.515
  R.L. MANGLES VC  Unknown Morning Star No.552
  W.F. McDONELL VC  Unknown Lodge of Industry and Perseverance No.109
  F.C. MAUDE VC CB  Unknown Pythagoras Lodge No.447
  T.H. KAVANAGH VC CB  Unknown Morning Star No.552
 Fd.Mar. H.E. WOOD VC GCB GCMG  Cavalry Morning Star No.552
 Lt.Col. A.F. PICKARD VC CB  Artillery Royal Lodge of Friendship No.278
  C. HEAPHY VC  Unknown Royal Lodge of Friendship No.278
 Lt.Col. W.L.D.L.P. BERESFORD VC GCIE  Cavalry Himalayan Brotherhood No.459
 Lt.Col. J.H. BISDEE VC OBE  Infantry Bulwer Lodge of Cairo No.1068
 Maj. G. BROMHEAD VC  Infantry Zetland No.515
 Brig.Gen. R.H. BULLER VC GCB GCMG  Infantry Zetland No.515
 Col. J.R.M. CHARD VC  Engineers St. George No.1152
 Lt. Cdr. I.E. FRASER VC DSC RD JP  Naval Reserve Mersey No.5199
 Maj. T. WATKINS VC GBE PC KSt.J DL  Infantry South Wales Jurists' No.7092
 Lt.Col. A.C. NEWMAN VC OBE DL TD  Infantry West Essex No.2561
 Rr. Admr. C.C. DOBSON VC CB DSO  Navy Navy No.2612
  O. CREAGH VC  Unknown Navy No.2612
  W.J. ENGLISH VC  Unknown Navy No.2612
  T.W. GOULD VC  Unknown Navy No.2612
 Lt.Col. J.R.N. GRAHAM VC  Infantry Navy No.2612
 Col. C. MANSEL-JONES VC  Infantry Navy No.2612
  P.S. MARLING VC  Unknown Navy No.2612
  W.T. MARSHALL VC  Unknown Navy No.2612
  T. MELVILL VC  Unknown Navy No.2612
 Lt. F.H.S. ROBERTS VC  Infantry Navy No.2612
 Gen. E.H. SARTORIUS VC CB  Infantry Friends in Council No.1383
 Gen. R.W. SARTORIUS VC CMG  Cavalry St John the Evangelist No.1483
 Sgt. W.B. TRAYNOR VC  Infantry Snar Gate No.6770
 W.O.2 C.B. WARD VC  Infantry Loyal Commercial No.2720
 Brig.Gen. A.G.A. HORE-RUTHVEN VC CB GCMG PC DSO  General List Wingate No.2954
 Capt. C.W. BUCKLEY VC  Navy Zetland No.515
Victoria Cross