How to Help...

Although there is now wide and detailed information on the individual Brethren within this database, there are some with only a couple of lines or nothing at all. To enable us to build the database further and make it better for all, we still require your help.

It may be that you are a Lodge Secretary or member who happens upon relevant entries within the ledgers of your Lodge or, perhaps, a family relative conducting research and have some pictures archived in some manner. If you do have anything to offer, please feel free to contact us.

The team are also concious that not every scrap of information may be correct. We therefore welcome the data being challenged.

Therefore, should you feel the desire to contact and share information, the team is looking for: each case, if the source (verifiable if possible) can be given it will help greatly in achieving higher confidence.

And one last thing, if you have any comments on the site let the team know. We are especially receptive to feedback and telling us what is good and bad or will drive future development.

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