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The Battle of the Marne 1914

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 7 - 10 September 1914. The pivotal moment of the Great War that reversed the German advance. The BEF had been in constant retreat since its initial encounter with the Germans at Mons on 23rd August 1914, usually marching over 20 miles each day. Eventually it became clear that the German pursuit was losing focus as it struggled to maintain momentum and an opportunity was spotted (with the help of the innovative use of aircraft) to hit the German flank as it passed by Paris. The shock of the attack by the French 6th Army coupled with the stand on the River Marne, created the conditions for self doubt in the German High Command and the order to disengage and retreat was given.

 Rank Initials Surname Died Lodge
 Capt. J. NORWOOD VC 08-09-1914 Anchor No. 1704
Apollo University No. 357
Beckenham No. 2047
Defence Lodge No. 2839
Lodge Concordia No. 3102
 2Lt J.H.M. SMITH 10-09-1914 Chicheley No. 607
 2Lt J.H.M. SMITH 10-09-1914 United Studholme Alliance No. 1591
 Capt. D.C.L. STEPHEN 10-09-1914 Household Brigade No. 2614
 Lt.Col. G.C. KNIGHT 11-09-1914 Old Wellingtonian No. 3404
St. Andrew No. 500
St. John & St. Paul No. 349

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