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The Battles of the Hindenburg Line and associated actions

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 12 September - 12 October 1918. As the momentum of the British advance continued it was clear that the Hindenburg Line defences offered the greatest threat to further advances. It was highly likely that the magnificently engineered defence system would re-establish the status quo of static trench warfare. However a series of magnificent actions at Havrincourt and Epehy paved the way for dramatic crossings of the Canal du Nord and the St Quentin Canal by early October. Both canals had been integrated into the Hindenburg Line system and their capture effectively broke the defensive capability of the system. Soon afterwards the British were attacking at Cambrai (again) and then by mid October were pursuing the Germans to the River Selle.

 Rank Initials Surname Died Lodge
 Cpl. G.G. HODSON 16-03-1916 Light in Adjoodhia No. 836
Siwalik No. 2939
 Pte. A. WILLIAMS 01-09-1918 Ogmore No. 1752
 Cpl. V.G.B. NASH 11-09-1918 Unknown Lodge No. 3292
 2Lt N.H. PAYNE 14-09-1918 Skelmersdale No. 1599
 Lt.Col. A.G. THYNNE DSO 14-09-1918 Apollo University No. 357
Royal Somerset No. 973
 Cpl. J.W. WYMARK 14-09-1918 West Norwood No. 3598
 Gnr. G. BULLOCK 15-09-1918 Lodge of Amity No. 283
 Pte. T. WEBSELL 15-09-1918 Saint Nicholas No. 1676
 Gnr. J.A. JOWETT 16-09-1918 Perseverance No. 3197
 Bdr. G.C. DICK 17-09-1918 Orde-Powlett No. 2391
 2Lt E.C. AUSTIN FRCS 18-09-1918 Royal Salford No. 2988
Sancta Maria No. 2682
Wiclif No. 3078
 Bdr. E.A. HART 18-09-1918 Amicus No. 3772
Bromley St Leonard No. 1805
 Capt. S.H. BROCKLEBANK MC 20-09-1918 Richard Eve No. 2772
 Gnr. F.A. GLEDHILL 20-09-1918 Colne Valley No. 1645
 Brig.Gen. A.R.C. SANDERS CMG DSO 20-09-1918 Beauchamp No. 1422
Stewart No. 1960
 2Lt D.A. SHANKS 21-09-1918 Tongshan No. 3001
 Pte. F. VIGGOR 21-09-1918 John Brunner No. 2799
St Alkmund No. 2311
 Pte. C.T. WELLS 21-09-1918 South Western Polytechnic No. 3680
 Dvr. J. BARBOUR 24-09-1918 Kenlis No. 1267
 Lt. F.W. HUSSEY 24-09-1918 Horsa No. 2208
 2Lt W. HAYES 25-09-1918 Coronation No. 2930
 Gnr. A. DANCE 26-09-1918 Lodge Vandeleur No. 3586
 2Lt A.P. BALDWIN 27-09-1918 St Peters No. 1330
 Lt. E.C. COMLEY MC 27-09-1918 Lodge of Industry and Perseverance No. 109
 Lt. G.L.B. DAVIS 27-09-1918 Liberty of Havering No. 1437
 Lt. A.H. HUGHESDON 27-09-1918 Lodge of United Strength No. 228
 C.S.M. W.J. LAWRANCE 27-09-1918 Homestreu No. 3277
 2Lt C.S. O'BRIEN MC 27-09-1918 Manchester No. 179
 Gnr. H.B. POTTS 27-09-1918 Saint Bartholomew No. 696
 Bty.S.M. H.F. IRVIN 28-09-1918 Third Middlesex Artillery No. 2942

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