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The Battles of the Somme 1916

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 The Battle of the Somme 1st July - 18th November 1916 is inevitably characterised by the appalling casualties (60,000) on the first day, July 1st 1916. Having failed to break through the German lines in force, and also failed to maximise opportunities where success was achieved, the battle became a series of attritional assaults on well defended defence in depth. The battle continued officially until 18th November 1916 costing almost 500,000 British casualties. German casualties were about the same, and French about 200,000. The Somme could not be counted a success in terms of ground gained or the cost, but it had a strategic impact as it marked the start of the decline of the German Army. Never again would it be as effective whilst the British Army, learning from its experience eventually grew stronger to become a war winning army. The German High Command recognised that it could never again fight another Somme, a view that advanced the decision to invoke unrestricted submarine warfare in an attempt to starve Britain of food and material, and in doing so accelerated the United States declaration of war thus guaranteeing the eventual outcome. 287 Brethren were killed on the Somme in 1916.

 Rank Initials Surname Died Lodge
 2Lt L.H. KENNY 26-06-1916 Middlesex Masters No. 3420
Royal Hanover No. 1777
 Pte. J.G. ANDERSON 01-07-1916 Blagdon No. 659
 2Lt J. ANSTEE 01-07-1916 St Guthlac No. 2880
 Capt. E.S. AYRE 01-07-1916 Whiteway Lodge No. 3541
 Capt. F.T. BURROUGH 01-07-1916 Saint Kew No. 1222
 Maj. A.A. CADDICK 01-07-1916 Dartmouth No. 662
Legge No. 2784
Warden No. 794
 Sgt. F. CLAYTON 01-07-1916 Headingley No. 2608
 Capt. W.A. COLLEY 01-07-1916 Ivanhoe No. 1779
 LCpl. I. COLLIS 01-07-1916 Lewis No. 872
 Sgt. R.R. CORKER 01-07-1916 Marquis of Granby No. 124
 Sgt. A.E. COWLEY 01-07-1916 Cycling & Athletic No. 2335
 2Lt W.A.B. DAVIS 01-07-1916 Marquis of Titchfield No. 3550
 Sgt. H. DONKIN 01-07-1916 Blagdon No. 659
 Pte. C.R. DUNT 01-07-1916 Ronaldshay No. 3376
 2Lt N.D. EDINGBOROUGH 01-07-1916 Salisbury No. 3228
 Sgt. H.S. GAZE 01-07-1916 Victoria No. 2329
 2Lt H.C. GOSNELL 01-07-1916 William Rogers No. 2823
 Capt. R.M. GOTCH 01-07-1916 Apollo University No. 357
Nottinghamshire No. 1434
 Sgt. E.E. HASSETT 01-07-1916 Brondesbury No. 2698
St. John's No. 434
 Lt. A.M. HAYCRAFT 01-07-1916 Trinity No. 1734
 Rfn. H.J. HEAD 01-07-1916 Biggarsberg Unity No. 2084
 LSgt. E.H. HOSKINS 01-07-1916 Faithful No. 473
 Lt. T. KEMP 01-07-1916 Marquis of Lorne No. 1354
 Lt.Col. C.W.D. LYNCH DSO 01-07-1916 Royal Colonial Institute No. 3556
 Lt. N.I. MACWATT 01-07-1916 Radnor No. 2587
 2Lt H.F. MADDERS 01-07-1916 Holden No. 2946
 Rfn. W.F. MAWSON 01-07-1916 Lakeland No. 3134
 Capt. C.C. MAY 01-07-1916 King's Colonials No. 3386
 Lt. F.C. MELLOR 01-07-1916 Whiteway Lodge No. 3541
 Sgt. S.H. MOON 01-07-1916 Lodge of the Three Grand Principles No. 967

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