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The Defence of Antwerp

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 The Defence of Antwerp was an action which occured 4th-10th October 1914. As the German Army swept through Belgium in August and September 1914 it detached part of its resources to take the important city and port of Antwerp. Whilst its capture was not essential to the success of the Schlieffen Plan it did need to be first covered then taken, particularly as the front moved further north into Flanders. The city, ringed with massive fortifications held out against the German guns and it was decided to send the Royal Naval Division, basically sailors fighting as soldiers, to assist. In the event they were not able to prevent the fall of the city and had to embark on a forced march to evade capture. Many were interned in neutral Holland.

 Rank Initials Surname Died Lodge
 Sgt. F. AMOS 05-10-1914 Lodge of Swinburne No. 2680
 CSgt E.A. CHURCHARD 06-10-1914 Lord Charles Beresford No. 2404
 CSgt T. YORK 06-10-1914 Lodge of Hope No. 2153
United Service No. 1341
 Lt. Cdr. O.H. HANSON 11-10-1914 Navy No. 2612

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