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9th London Regiment (Queen Victoria's Rifles)

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 1/9th (County of London) Battalion (Queen Victoria's Rifles) August 1914 : at 56 Davies Street. Part of 3rd London Brigade, 1st London Division. Moved on mobilisation to Bullswater, going on in September to Crowborough. 5 November 1914 : left Division and landed at Le Havre. 27 November 1914 : came under command of 13th Brigade in 5th Division. 10 February 1916 : transferred to 169th Brigade in 56th (London) Division. 1 February 1918 : transferred to 175th Brigade in 58th (2/1st London) Division, absorbed the disbanded 2/9th Bn and renamed 9th Bn.



 Rank Initials Surname Died Lodge
 Rfn. E.S. FRYER  18-12-1914 Covent Garden No.1614
 Lt. F.B.A. FARGUS  01-01-1915 Felix No.1494
 LCpl. R.W.B. MOURANT  01-01-1915 Horistic No.2822
 Rfn. J.S. DAVI[E]S  24-04-1915 Aldwych No.3096
 Pte. H.S. PERRY  27-04-1915 White Rose of York and Addeys' No.2840
 Sgt. E.E. HASSETT  01-07-1916 Brondesbury No.2698
St. John's No.434
 Capt. R.F. DAVIES  09-09-1916 Victoria Rifles No.822
 LCpl. F.A. WRIGHT  09-09-1916 Henry Levander No.2048
 Lt. F.W. FIELDING  16-09-1916 Victoria Rifles No.822
 Rfn. E.F. MAILE  14-04-1917 Hyde Park No.1425
 Capt. A.R. HADDEN  25-04-1918 Apollo University No.357

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