HMS Good Hope

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 Class and type: Drake-class armoured cruiser Tons burthen: 14,100 tons Length: 529.5 ft (161.4 m) overall 515 ft (157 m) at waterline Beam: 71 ft (22 m) Draught: 28 ft (8.5 m) maximum Propulsion: 43 coal-fired Belleville boilers providing steam for two 4-cylinder triple expansion steam engines, twin screws. 30,000 ihp Speed: 23 knots (43 km/h) maximum Range: 7,000 nautical miles at 14 knots (26 km/h) Complement: 900 Armament: 2 x BL 9.2-inch (233.7 mm) guns in single turrets 16 x BL 6-inch (152.4 mm) Mk VII guns in casemates along hull 12 x 12 pounder guns 3 x 3 pounder guns Two 18-in (457mm) submerged torpedo tubes. Director fire control fitted in 1905-1906. Armour: 11.5 ft wide 6 inch belt amidships thinning to 3 in at bow 6 in barbettes 6 in turrets 12 in conning tower


H.M.S. Good Hope was sunk along with HMS Monmouth by the German armoured cruisers Scharnhorst and Gneisenau under Admiral Graf Maximilian von Spee with the loss of her entire complement of 900 hands in the Battle of Coronel, on 1 November 1914, off the Chilean coast. She was an armoured cruiser manned by a crew of reservists and cadets and was the flag ship of Rear Admiral Sir Christopher Craddock commanding a squadron of ageing ships. There were no survivors. Nineteen Freemasons were lost when HMS Good Hope sank.

 Rank Initials Surname Died Lodge
 Armr. H.T. BAKER  01-11-1914 United Service No.1428
 E.R.A A.E. BIRD  01-11-1914 Landport No.1776
 Ch. E.R.A. J.W. BLOUNT  01-11-1914 United Service No.1428
  J.W. BUSHELL  01-11-1914 King's Navy No.2901
 E.R.A E. CLARKSON  01-11-1914 United Service No.3473
 E.R.A F.G.P. COLE  01-11-1914 Lodge of Friendship No.202
 C.P.O. F.T. COX  01-11-1914 Osborne No.2169
 E.R.A J.J. DICKSON  01-11-1914 United Service No.1428
 Art. J. DUCKWORTH  01-11-1914 Prince Edward of Saxe Weimar No.1903
 Lt. E.J. FRENCH  01-11-1914 Duke of Richmond No.3143
 Lt. G.E.E. GRAY  01-11-1914 St. John & St. Paul No.349
 Mech. T.F. HOPTON  01-11-1914 United Service No.1428
 Ch.El. J.H. JAY  01-11-1914 United Brethren No.1923
 S.B.St. S. KAIN  01-11-1914 United Brethren No.1923
 Ch. Stoker G.L. LINDSAY  01-11-1914 Royal Sussex No.491
 Bdr. W. MUDFORD  01-11-1914 Forward No.1180
Lodge of Benevolence No.666
 Chap. A.H.J. PITT  01-11-1914 Navy No.2612
 Surg. F.C. SEARLE LRCP MB MRCS  01-11-1914 Rahere No.2546
  F.F. STEPHENS  01-11-1914 Royal Standard No.398
United Service No.1428

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