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HMS Narbrough

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 "Mike: http://www.kbrady.com/opaladm.html Enquiry into loss The following information was obtained from (only) survivor (from OPAL) who though suffering from exposure gave intelligent answers to all questions. About 9.30 p.m. on Saturday, 12th January, H.M.S. ""OPAL"" and ""NARBROUGH"" were in company ""OPAL"" leading. There was a thick blizzard on at the time and a heavy following sea. ""OPAL"" struck heavily about three times and shortly after appeared to slide into deep water. Almost immediately after striking ""OPAL"" was pooped by the following sea which filled up her after part and carried away her funnels and mast. After apparently sliding into deeper water her fore part broke off at the break of the forecastle and the remainder foundered in about a quarter of an hour from striking. Directly ""OPAL"" who, Sissons states, had been sounding with sounding machine, struck she blew three blasts on her syren which were answered by ""NARBROUGH"". ""NARBROUGH"" appeared to pass ""OPAL"" on the port quarter, strike heavily and heel well over. Nothing more of ""NARBROUGH"" was seen by the survivor. He states that Captain and Sub-Lieutenant of ""OPAL"" were on the bridge at the time of striking and after striking orders were given to abandon ship. He did not observe any boat manage to get away safely and states that the Carley Floats were launched but owing to sea no one could remain on them. He swam ashore and reached a ledge, with crevices, well sheltered from the wind, with about 50 yards to walk about on. He kept himself alive with shellfish and snow, and at one time managed to scale the cliff to within a few feet of the top but fell back again. He considers that men on deck before the midship gun-platform should have had some chance of saving themselves but can give no information as to anyone from ""NARBROUGH"". "



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 P.O. A.G. GAFFEE  12-01-1918 United Service No.1428

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