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HMS Princess Irene

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 HMS Princess Irene was a 5,394 GRT ocean liner which was built in 1914 by William Denny and Brothers Ltd, Dumbarton, Scotland for the Canadian Pacific Railway. She was requisitioned by the Royal Navy on completion and converted to an auxiliary minelayer.



 Rank Initials Surname Died Lodge
 Asst. Pmr. S.L.F. COLE  27-05-1915 Ashburton No.2189
Saint Hubert No.1373
 Shipwt. W.J. GRIBBELL [GREBBELL]  27-05-1915 United Service No.1428
  R. NEWBIGGING  27-05-1915 United Service No.3124
  W.A. NEWBORN  27-05-1915 United Service No.1428
 Gnr. E.W. PEARN  27-05-1915 Royal Naval No.3337
  P.A.E. PRATT  27-05-1915 United Service No.1428
 Engr. G.W. REES  27-05-1915 Bute No.960

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