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HMS Vivid

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 Mike: HMS Vivid was the Navy barracks at Devonport. It was commissioned in 1890, and operated as a training unit until 1914. The base was renamed HMS Drake in 1934. A number of ships were renamed HMS Vivid whilst serving as depot ships for the base: HMS Vivid was the original depot ship between 1892 and 1912. HMS Cuckoo was HMS Vivid between 1912 and 1920,



 Rank Initials Surname Died Lodge
  J.J. BURNELL  05-05-1915 Royal Naval No.3337
 Surg. J.K. MURPHY FRCS  13-09-1916 Caius No.3355
Charterhouse Deo Dante Dedi No.2885
Isaac Newton University No.859
Jubilee Masters No.2712
Navy No.2612
Rahere No.2546
Royal Somerset House & Inverness No.4
 Lt. J. LANYON  28-12-1917 Western District United Service No.2258
 Ch.Elec.Art. J.G. COLLINS  10-09-1918 Lodge of Friendship No.100
Royal Naval No.3337

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