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Royal Army Service Corps

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 Rank Initials Surname Died Lodge
 Dvr. M. MORGAN  30-11--0001 Stephenson No.3412
 Cpl. E.H. SEXTON  15-02-1915 Eastern Gate No.2970
 Col. J.C. OUGHTERSON  10-12-1916 Aldershot Army and Navy No.1971
Nil Sine Labore No.2736
St. Michael's No.2253
 LCpl. W.H. ROBINSON  12-08-1918 Lodge of Friendship No.2963
 Lt. F. COTTLE  09-02-1919 Tynwald No.1242
 Maj. R. TOMLINSON MC  15-03-1924 St Peters No.1330
 W.O.2 H.D. KING MSM  03-04-1950 United Service No.3285
 2Lt A.C. HERRING VC  10-08-1966 Hampstead No.2408
 Capt. G. WATSON-PARKER  02-11-1966 Halcyon No.3546
Old Dovorian No.5647

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