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19/The King's (Liverpool Regiment)

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 19th (Service) Battalion (3rd City) Formed in Liverpool on 29 August 1914 by Lord Derby, in the old watch factory at Prescot. 30 April 1915 : attached to 89th Brigade, 30th Division. Landed at Boulogne in November 1915. 14 May 1918 : reduced to cadre strength. 19 June 1918 : attached to 66th (2nd East Lancashire) Division and absorbed by 14th Battalion.



 Rank Initials Surname Died Lodge
 Pte. J.H. WARREN  11-07-1916 Broadsmith No.3593
Egerton No.2132
 Pte. N.L. WILLIAMS  11-07-1916 Ceres No.3501
 LCpl. G.A. BEBBINGTON  30-07-1916 De Tabley No.941
 Pte. A.R. CUTTS  30-07-1916 Marlborough No.1620
 LCpl. E.G. FORREST  30-07-1916 Hamer No.1393
 Sgt. B.H. PARTRIDGE  30-07-1916 Downshire No.594
 LSgt. H.A. SHIPMAN  30-07-1916 Everton No.823
 Sgt. J.H. FLOCKHART  01-08-1916 Ellesmere No.758
 Sgt. W.J. SHAW  19-04-1917 Marlborough No.1620

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